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Can you wear them with a suit without getting a second look? Yes. You can wear sneakers and a hoodie with a suit without getting a second look, it's 2015 the general public thinks anything that isn't a t-shirt is a "business shirt" and so on. Should you wear them with a suit? No. The discretion is yours.
@wonderd makes some nice coats that might suit what you're looking for. @Innominatus9 Well how about this . . . broadcloth isn't unsuitable for the summer. If you're specifically looking for a lightweight hot weather fabric, you want to look at open weaves. But chances are you'll be fine with broadcloth. Solids are generally more formal and the more you deviate in terms of patterns and number of colors the more casual. Of course, you need to...
I absolutely agree, Lapo can pull certain things off that others can't.
Eric Glennie! I've missed you! This is a very innovative idea, thank you for sharing. I'd recommend a seam ripper if you intend on doing this and going slowly while you use it. Have you thought about kickstarter? Maybe you'd get some backers who are also interested in tie-dye pockets.
@A.J.V great looks, esp like those brown pleated trousers.
I have a mostly cashmere SC, I treat it like a casual jacket and like to pair it with corduroy, it doesn't appear very formal to me though I am not an expert on these matters (still learning I'm afraid). And yes, cedar blocks and staying clear of wet weather are good ideas. I've had it for almost 10 years now, but it does get infrequent wear and only during the cold months, it's far too heavy to wear in spring or summer. I'm sure there are lighter weights that would...
Yes, but Grant lived in a time before the internet echo-chamber existed. The rules are the rules are the rules, and good taste/bad taste is ephemeral. It's easy to look at an old picture through the lens of SF, but I doubt he would have cared at the time and I very much doubt he cares now. I think a more interesting question is, at what point has a person reached a certain level of sartorial knowledge that they can make educated bad decisions (aka when are you ready to...
No, there's no brag, I'm not an academic - I'm just a communications / marketing person, I just work in that setting and am reporting the state of things from my vantage.
The sartorial quality at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health can best be described as "none." Myself included unfortunately, I fell off the wagon and am currently wearing Cole Haan lunar grands - don't fret, I'll see myself to the flagellation chamber and seek forgiveness.
It's a pretty neutral color, I'm sure you'd be fine OP.
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