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Thanks otheme, hopefully this cam be fixed and I can post some updated pics and feedback on the experience.
The divots are on both sides but the one on the left is a bit more prominent, thanks for the link, I did come across that during my searches on the issue.   I got an email response from the folks at spoon basically providing the same resolution for the issue, removing, possibly re-cutting, and re-position the sleeve at the arm hole.  I am heading back there this Friday, could you explain a bit more what the result of requesting "shoulder line to be slight concave" and...
Hi All,   I have been lurking on this forum for a while doing some research on Spoon Tailor and finally took the leap and got a full canvas jacket made.  Overall I would say it was a great experience and felt the price was very competitive for what you were getting.   I am actually in the process of working out some kinks on the shoulder finish of the jacket and I would say the folks at Spoon Tailor, so far have been good about working with me to try and fix it...
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