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When did some of you start taking this stuff and why\\how bad was your hair loss?
My dad is 5'11 and weighed about 185, he started running long distances just under a year ago and now he weighs like 167 I think he told me the other day. My mom was actually saying he needed to GAIN weight.
It screams homosexual with the biggest banner you can find.
With a black jacket, yes, but not with a black shirt or sweater. I personally think you can wear brown shoes with a black shirt or sweater. If other people would just accept it I wouldn't ever even think about it again.
It's just an evolutionary feature from white skin. There's nothing wrong with it--normal, even. I am white but not quite the palest of whites, but my knuckles and places on my hands get red really easily even when I haven't been doing anything with them. Just remember your ancestors needed that white skin in the cold north many thousands of years ago
Yeah none of those "Daniel Craig workouts" are real. If you look around they are all different.
I bought some of the "global blues" which I think is the new cut 501s. I absolutely love them.
My experience in JCrew stores is the men's selection is limited. I have been to two around here (the only two) and both times there were women in the store and zero men.
No offense but looks a bit girlie to me. Free overnight shipping and returns.
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