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Hi mate,   Interested in the notebooks but I live way, way across the pond in Australia.   Where ,by the way, it is currently 40 degrees celsius or if you prefer 104 Fahrenheit...   What would the damage be on the lot delivered over here?   Cam
Some solid gold in this thread:   One million points to the person who can show us what an 'unnatural' shift in bone alignment is. I hear that it can only be fixed by a vigorous Reiki massage program, followed by an astrological cleansing.   Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII  I'm not going to pursue this because you're right, no amount of facts will change people's minds once they've decided. But I will say this...what you're proposing is indeed based on "feelings"; what...
Thought someone might appreciate this - picked up some old Florsheim Royal Imperials from the op shop ($5) as a bit of an exercise to see if they could be restored.   Before pics:     [[SPOILER]]   So I restored one and popped them next to each other for a comparison:   [[SPOILER]]   Finished both in the end (but no pics sorry) and are one of my favourite pair of shoes now :)
Got 4; won't arrive for Christmas obviously, but will make great presents later in the year
I think that Watchman comic is a later print yes? The original cover is the smiley face made out of text?   Cool bag, although my girlfriend bought a coach bag recently and it is cracking slightly already after a couple of months.
I don't know if people collect them, but they are pretty sweet kicks.
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