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probably this one, from viberg blog
thanks argentino, just to confirm the indy is in trubalance? :x
anyone has indy #8 plaza with denim pic for reference? been going back and forth whether to go with the trubalance or plaza :S
+1 do you mind me asking, what boots are you wearing
ggrrrr cant get good pic ;/
Thanks, I'll post a fit pic later then :s
  do you wear them with slim shirts tucked in?  from memory there is a slight man camel toe :S i guess overall the top block will loosen?   I only have a nudie for reference, and this is my first pair MIJ denim the nudie stretched out prolly an inch and has been a comfortable compared to new although the back rise was too long for my liking, it measures about 15~16in compared to 0705sp about 13.75in the front rise is about the same the nudie being 11in, and momo 10.5in
i bought 2 pair with one being smaller size the waist is okay i can still button them, just the front/back rise the thigh well maybe a bit more room would be better
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