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5354, Death24xASecond, and Distorbiant, thank you for the feedback. I'm definitely leaning toward a 2010 DR now (black lamb, silver zips). Now I just have to decide whether I want a trucker, A-2, or MA-1... they're all so tempting.
Which one do you prefer? 4 zip MDR or 2010 DR? Is the 4-zip MDR still available?
Is this "muted sky blue"? It's gorgeous.   Been following this thread for a long time. I've lost 20 pounds since August and am still in the process of losing another 20, but I want to get an order in before TOJ closes up shop permanently. Narrowed it down to these 3 (will pick 2): black lamb 2010 DR, brown lamb A-2, and a blue suede T-3.
How is the sizing on Yuketen's oxfords?
Up for sale is a Gant Rugger Varsity Jacket in size M. It is in excellent condition. It is navy in color with a cream fabric hem/cuff. It is a heavier windbreaker type fabric and has a heavy zipper. It also has a colorful plaid lining. The measurements are as follows: Pit to pit: 21.5” Sleeve length from shoulder: 26” Length down down (BOC): 25.25” This is a great jacket, but I just do not wear it enough to justify keeping it. I bought it from another member on...
Looking to buy:   1 cherry seersucker print shirt 1 flannel shirt 1 aztec/llama-print shirt   Message me if you have any of them in medium!
Paid $198 for each of these. They are brand new, with all the original tags. Sizes 30 and 31. Never even tried them on. They also come with a special keychain light to show off the glow-in-the-dark feature. 
I believe this sweater is from a year or two ago. Anybody have it in a size medium? If so, drop me a message. Thanks!
From a couple of seasons ago.
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