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Mohawk General Store also has some other prints.
Looks like a TOJ1, that model had raglan sleeves.   I'm excited to receive my TOJ jackets - a rider and a trucker.
Need Supply has some "pre-Fall" shirts.
Does anyone know if the Geo Trees print was available anywhere other than the website?   When I emailed customer service they told me to search through their stockists. I went through all the US ones but I couldn't find anyone carrying it. Maybe there is a non-US store that bought it?
I have a TOJ1 black/black/digicamo in a 48. Looking for a 50 of the same jacket.
Thanks, but that first jacket is muted sky blue, a suede not offered anymore. I'm looking for steel blue. The second jacket is a photoshop. Those swatches posted on the tumblr are so tiny.  I know it's annoying when people clog up the thread with questions that could be answered with a bit of searching, but I really have combed over it thoroughly as well as through toj-gallery and Google images, and there are no pictures of jackets in these leathers. 
Reason I ask is that I'm about to place an order for a T-1. On the fence between steel blue and "chestnut" which sounds similar to your medium brown. If you have a chance in the next day or two, would you be able to take a pic of your jacket and post it here? I couldn't find any images of either leather color online. Sorry I don't have advice on treating the suede, but I'm sure someone else knows.
What color?
Does anyone have a jacket in steel blue lamb suede? I want to get a T-1 but couldn't find any pictures of jackets in this leather on toj-gallery.com or on Google.
Would love to get an oxford. I got a TOJ v2 oxford secondhand and it's really great, another 3 or 4 would be nice to have in my closet.
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