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SS14 had some of the best Gitman prints I've seen. The bananas, fireworks, birds of paradise, orchids, etc were great. The weird ones were really weird though. Who is buying this? Gitman's site usually lists most of their prints so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these stores just made the weirder buys.   Also their long sleeve and short sleeve shirts fit me differently. I'm sure this has been covered at some point in this topic. The short sleeve is a great fit on...
Mohawk General Store also has some other prints.
Looks like a TOJ1, that model had raglan sleeves.   I'm excited to receive my TOJ jackets - a rider and a trucker.
Need Supply has some "pre-Fall" shirts.
Does anyone know if the Geo Trees print was available anywhere other than the website?   When I emailed customer service they told me to search through their stockists. I went through all the US ones but I couldn't find anyone carrying it. Maybe there is a non-US store that bought it?
I have a TOJ1 black/black/digicamo in a 48. Looking for a 50 of the same jacket.
Thanks, but that first jacket is muted sky blue, a suede not offered anymore. I'm looking for steel blue. The second jacket is a photoshop. Those swatches posted on the tumblr are so tiny.  I know it's annoying when people clog up the thread with questions that could be answered with a bit of searching, but I really have combed over it thoroughly as well as through toj-gallery and Google images, and there are no pictures of jackets in these leathers. 
Reason I ask is that I'm about to place an order for a T-1. On the fence between steel blue and "chestnut" which sounds similar to your medium brown. If you have a chance in the next day or two, would you be able to take a pic of your jacket and post it here? I couldn't find any images of either leather color online. Sorry I don't have advice on treating the suede, but I'm sure someone else knows.
What color?
Does anyone have a jacket in steel blue lamb suede? I want to get a T-1 but couldn't find any pictures of jackets in this leather on or on Google.
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