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Would love to get an oxford. I got a TOJ v2 oxford secondhand and it's really great, another 3 or 4 would be nice to have in my closet.
I have an "alpine print" and a "shaggy gray oxford" from this season. They're both real nice and fit well. I also bought one of the shirts they did with the Hill-Side.   Has anyone seen these 3 web-exclusive shirts from 2 years ago? Pretty loud...
Not my listing: http://www.grailed.com/listings/1181-common-projects-black-combat-boots
Have a tan baseball jacket in stock 48. Want to trade for a stock 50 or stock 50 with 48 lengths.
Looking for a black/black/digicamo TOJ1 size 48. Thanks.
Answer is further up the page. I recall Drew saying you can run your finger up and down them smoothly as well. Figured I'm already shelling out for the jacket, may as well upgrade the zippers too.
Just paid for my order! Black lamb DR with Excella zips 
5354, Death24xASecond, and Distorbiant, thank you for the feedback. I'm definitely leaning toward a 2010 DR now (black lamb, silver zips). Now I just have to decide whether I want a trucker, A-2, or MA-1... they're all so tempting.
Which one do you prefer? 4 zip MDR or 2010 DR? Is the 4-zip MDR still available?
Is this "muted sky blue"? It's gorgeous.   Been following this thread for a long time. I've lost 20 pounds since August and am still in the process of losing another 20, but I want to get an order in before TOJ closes up shop permanently. Narrowed it down to these 3 (will pick 2): black lamb 2010 DR, brown lamb A-2, and a blue suede T-3.
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