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I wasn't sure where to post this thread, please move if necessary.   I would like someone in NYC to act as a proxy buyer for me at the Gitman Vintage Sample Sale. It's this Thursday 12/4 from 1-7pm and continues through the weekend. I will pay you the total of the shirts + $50 for your help. Here is the address:    197 Grand Street #6S New York, NY 10013   PM me if you are interested and I'll tell you what I'm interested in. Thanks.
Looking for a black lamb A-2, size 50. 
Nearly full lineup of fall prints is online here: http://gitmanvintage.com/pages/collection
I have a TOJ1 in black/black/digicamo size 48. Looking to sell or trade for a 50 of the same jacket.
SS14 had some of the best Gitman prints I've seen. The bananas, fireworks, birds of paradise, orchids, etc were great. The weird ones were really weird though. Who is buying this? Gitman's site usually lists most of their prints so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these stores just made the weirder buys.   Also their long sleeve and short sleeve shirts fit me differently. I'm sure this has been covered at some point in this topic. The short sleeve is a great fit on...
Mohawk General Store also has some other prints.
Looks like a TOJ1, that model had raglan sleeves.   I'm excited to receive my TOJ jackets - a rider and a trucker.
Need Supply has some "pre-Fall" shirts.
Does anyone know if the Geo Trees print was available anywhere other than the website?   When I emailed customer service they told me to search through their stockists. I went through all the US ones but I couldn't find anyone carrying it. Maybe there is a non-US store that bought it?
I have a TOJ1 black/black/digicamo in a 48. Looking for a 50 of the same jacket.
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