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Warehouse sale up
Doubt it will do much, but I submitted a form. Thanks for uploading the .doc.
The official name was "sake crest." I found this page that appears to have XL for sale. If it's your size I'd contact Gitman to make sure it's the shirt you want.
Congratulations and I'll place an order eventually.
Fall shirts online at gitmanvintage.com   Full collection here.
 Here's the quote you're referencing. I also remember thinking it was an odd thing to mention when I first read it. But the romantic origin story (Drew following his heart in Korea) combined with the personal relationships he developed (he used to post very frequently) and the extremely broad customization available (more than most/all other companies) all made ToJ impossible to dislike. And jackets were being delivered regularly. In short Drew had built up a lot of...
Been following this thread for years. I have 2 jackets on order.   1 dvskei 2 chenm0416 3 Feji 4 MickeyPunch 5 StPauli 6 reallypeacedoff 7 wklq76a 8 FireGX 9 RetroFuture 10 Spaghettimatt 11 Nolvadex 12 flipster 13 TheObserver 14 bakasam 15 Death24xASecond 16 Demure 17 veekta 18 SuperFamicom 19 pyroxyze 20 ninopwns 21 Danay 22 jim_n 23 segrantz 24 jacobs412 25 Rommel 26 speeed 27 wholeeoh 28 raspberryjam 29 overtone 30 oldfashionedbc 31 povatix 32 pandazzz 33...
Saw my banana-print Gitman shirt from last in Entourage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGSE_XPF4_g
Some SS 2015 prints on Garbstore.   Scrolled through Instagram and found some FW 2015 prints at Pitti:   http://instagram.com/p/yCgPnCSq7M/ http://instagram.com/p/x1jAZeGjt9/ http://instagram.com/p/yAZ7u9BYQO/ (Tupac print)
New Posts  All Forums: