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  Um...yes. Go on GQ and read the article where they interview the costume designer. Even the damn scarf is by Tom Ford.
Not a 18 year old. Gotta be at least 21 so they can get into the bars.
Check this out. I'm 28 and in a CC right now cause I played G.I. Joe for eight years. I didn't know anybody when school started. The first day of school I got five numbers from chicks and met a bunch a cool dudes. Why? Because I just went up and talked to them. Meeting new people and making new friends is easy. Especially in college cause everybody is friendly as hell. I get invited to parties and stuff all the time but I turn them down. Why? Because I wanna get good...
Too much green.
Shagging is the only thing eighteen year olds are good for.
Depends what you're going there for.
Agree with Claghorn. You have to be confident and be willing to lose the girl. Smile A LOT. You could read a bunch of books about this subject but in the end, you have to go out and see what works for you.   It's pretty much Attract, Build Comfort, Seduce.
height: 5'7 weight: somewhere between 165 & 170 bf %: no idea   max bench (1 rep): 260 squat: 260 x 10 deadlift: 270 x 10   I do squat more than leg presses. Don't row either. I usually mix it up my cardio between Spartacus workout and sprints on the treadmill. The only goal I really have is get down to single digits for body fat.
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