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It's difficult to generalize all polos in one category.  Like everything in a man's closet, the context of wearing a polo depends on one's style and life.   It is certain however that polos are no longer t-shirts with a collar. There will always be lower quality brands that target a lower-priced market which will sometimes resemble something along these lines.  But companies like Kent Wang and Vastrm are nice reminders that what is available today certainly isn't your...
Slits or "side-vents" are not necessary for a polo shirt. Side vents are created depending on the need to tuck or untuck a shirt. Side vents are preferred if you plan on tucking a shirt in, but some prefer no side vent if it will be worn untucked.   You will look fine without any side vents.  
      Vastrm Polo - Heather Grey, Spread Collar, Gingham Accents, Slim Fit.   H&M Merlot Chinos   Florsheim Saddle Shoes
  Hey Hennree. I am 6' and 155 lbs. so I can relate to your struggle. Tall and skinny guys have difficulties because clothing is never quite long enough.  But when you achieve that length the extra width is typically too much.   I have two suggestions for you. My first is to stick to brands that have slim sizes.  For example, American Apparel has awesome t-shirts for slim men.  You just have to find what brands work and with what types of apparel:  RL Rugby (for Oxford...
    Your questions rely heavily on your budget. If you are on a low to moderate budget, I suggest Docker Alphas. You can get these in khaki or in colors similar to khaki. An alternative would be to check out your local H&M.  They always have an assortment of chinos usually priced around $30.   For shoes, you need something completely opposite of your Chucks but you can't go overboard and wear something too dressy with jeans. I think something like Walk Over Derby Shoes...
I really enjoy Rugby's OCBDs. I'm sad to see them go. I like their color/stripe combos more than the "typical" OCBDs offered by Uniqlo. Where do you plan on getting good fitting OCBDs now that Rugby is leaving?
I never tried Everlane, but Ameircan Apparel and H&M t-shirts fit awesome. If you're on a tight budget go with H&M. Their v-necks have the perfect depth. AA crew necks hold up for a long-time as well.
I am interested if anyone knows the answer to this. I do not, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents in. OCBDs usually don't have spread collars because button down collars are part of what makes an oxford shirt an oxford shirt. I think your best bet would be to contact a made to measure/custom dress shirt company and see if they could make this happen for you. I am an intern for Vastrm, a new affiliate to the forums and we do offer spread collars for any type of polo....
I think your best bet would be American Apparel or H&M.  I like H&M V-necks. The 'V' isn't too deep and they cost like $5 and have pretty much every color available. The fit is awesome as well.   For crew neck t-shirts I go with American Apparel. As tall and slim, they fit me perfect. Although a bit more pricey, I still wear AA shirts that I bought four years ago.
I don't own it but I've been contemplating this coat as well.  I like it I think I might pull the trigger as well.
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