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T Dawg. Jeez, I'm so bummed. Is he gonna come back now as a walker? Lori, I couldn't stand. She's main character but no big loss IMO.  I think the two prisoners will now be official group members, thery're gonna have to start getting some new people if they want to survive and be able to fight off the Governor. Andrea wants to hook up with the Guv but will have her epiphany and GTFO of Pleasantville with Michonne, so there's two more. About time for a new character or...
I dunno, you've seen the TV commercials for the new Bond flick? Daniel Craig's really not got much hair now. I don't know if he's actually balding or it's only for the movie.  
Wot? My previous post is a question. Not a statement of fact.  
At that time it was the furthest thing from my mind to shag an eighteen year old. At my age it can be a challenge relating to women in their early thirties! But the opportunity presented itself. So.... I rocked her world. Poor thing had never really been shagged by somebody who knew what they were doing. You youngsta's need to sharpen your game, gramps is in town :-)
Umm, try this. It may be too raw and in yer face but it's real world stuff not some dorky Pick Up Artist stuff. The thing is you have to be honest with yourself regarding "where you're at" and that may be hard for a lot of guys to deal with. It was for me. I just turned 50 had the worst year financially of my life in 2011 and hadn't got layed in a dogs age. But, within two weeks of studying some of Chris's vid's I was bangin an eighteen year old. I didn't set out to...
  The prison gets overrun? I've never read the comix so I don't know the storyline. (My speculations are purely off the TV show) Got to be the Gov. behind that dastardly deed, right?  So I'm gonna say Rick & crew eventually fight the Gov. and take over his town.
Greetz!    A week ago I scored a Harris tweed at Value Village, the sleeves are a tiny bit long but it fits otherwise. I'm about a 44R. I was jazzed to find it amongst the dreck. I emailed the Harris Co. in Scotland to see if I could get some info on the date of manufacture. I was under the impression that there is a serial number of sorts in the jacket that can be checked? Mine is 117324. I emailed the number to them but they were unable to tell me. Don't know why...
We're into the Warlord phase now. Ricks small outgunned group against the Governors heavily armed group. Like two competing Dojo's in an old Bruce Lee movie ;-) The Governor has more people, (73) but most of them are by-stander civilians, he has about as many soldiers as Rick, since everyone with Rick is a soldier. Plus, add in Andrea and Michonne, (and yes Michonnes' grimace is already getting old). So how does Rick out think the Governor and how many episodes does it...
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