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    I took these pictures when I received my pair in the fall, along with a few other goodies. I would say that they are pretty sleek, but a bit on the conservative side compared to some of the more narrow lasts they offer. There was a pair of Burgundy wholecuts that were uploaded to Meermin's tumblr recently. They should give you a better idea of how they will look.     [[SPOILER]]
The dress shoes are strictly for indoors during the winter, don't worry. No way in hell am I bringing those outside in the snow. I would like to make sure they are waterproofed for rainy days during the warmer months of the year. If you think the product I found is not suitable, perhaps you would have a recommendation? Evidently, I still have a lot to learn. 
After doing a bit more searching in the forums, I found Obenauf's products and they seem to have a pretty good reputation here. Basically I am thinking of getting these:   Perhaps a few coats of the Heavy Duty LP will hold up to the salt?    In any case, I need something to waterproof my dress shoes and boots and...
Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good product/care routine that will prevent salt stains & water damage on leather. I live in Ottawa and unfortunately the municipality dumps ridiculous amounts of salt during the winter.   If need be, I will get some decent absolute zero boots like Sorels or something that can take the damage to and from work.
  Correct on both counts. :>
Fall upgrade: Meermin wholecuts (classic line) Two six-folds from Vanda Taupe raw silk from Marshall Anthony    
My first pair of quality shoes. :D Black wholecuts from the classic line with shoe trees. Unfortunately I got hit by customs (100$), although these shoes are still far above anything found in Ottawa within this price range. (Shipped on the 20th & just arrived an hour ago.)     I can't wait to break these in!
Old pics from my interactive media course at high school. (2010?..) The focus of this set was on interesting textures and colours in our urban environment. All pictures were taken with an absolutely rubbish sub $100 Canon. Thank god for Photoshop. Sadly I lost the original PSDs due to a computer failure.   I never really had the opportunity to get any critique on these. Thoughts?        
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