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I need a pair of AEs for casual wear, IE to go with shorts, jeans, chinos. I don't know if I should be going with a loafer, boat shoe, or what. Could someone point me to an AE shoe that is the most versatile?  
Great info. Thanks! I am looking for "traditional suites." Nothing trendy or slim, but timeless. I'm in my upper 20's so I do not want to make myself look old. My main issue is to know exactly what brands to put in the search bar. I could really use some help on that one. 
I'm going to attempt to thrift my first suit off of ebay. Could someone please recommend brands to look for and any other tips? Thanks!
What businesses are friendly to the online shopper? By friendly I mean a well laid out site with easy usability and good pictures, cheap or free shipping, and cheap or free returns.  
 I am looking for clothing.
I'm getting more and more busy. I am going to give online clothes shoping a chance. Yes I know I may end up spending more time this way instead of just going to a store, but I'm hard headed. Having reasonable prices and a decent return policy is important. I appreciate the help.
Plaid or plan front trousers with a dress shirt and no tie? 
So here is the link to the BB extra slim dress shirts. What three would you buy, if you had no dress shirts? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/mens/dress-shirts/0203,default,sc.html?prefn1=fit&prefv1=Extra%20Slim%20Fit&prefn2=cuff&prefv2=Barrel%20Cuff&prefn3=collar&prefv3=Button-Down%20Collar&prefn4=fabric&prefv4=Supima®%20Cotton%7cNon-Iron%20Supima®%20Cotton&srule=price-low-to-high   Here is the link to the dress pants. Dont know which style (fitzgerald, milano,...
  The dress trouser and chinos look the same to me, so do the dress shirts and sports shirts.
I'll take a pic. Just a front shot wearing a dress shirt? I wear a 32" waste in pants.    On BB website when it says 3 for xxx, does that mean 3 of that exact shirt in the same color, 3 of that exact shirt in whatever colors it comes in, or 3 dress shirts with the same price?   I would like to initially buy 3 shirts and a 2 pair of slacks from BB.    The only time I wear a tie is when I wear a suit, which is about 8 times out of the year. So I guess on my...
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