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  "The collab will be a wings+horns rendition of Viberg’s Service boot. Greased sole, heel is rough-out chromexcel leather, toe is chromexcel leather and the “body” is pebbled moose-hyde."   Presale starts this Monday, official release next Friday the 19th, as stated above.
I'm not sure how they're shipped. I ended up getting some Barena blazers instead, $40 express shipping from Europe for three blazers.
$60 to ship the city jacket to Canada is crazy.
That's the most frustrating thing. We're stuck...how can you actually pull out if they can't issue refunds?   I've been considering it as well, but our only options are to wait (for who knows how long) or ask for a refund (I understand only a couple people got refunds from drew, the rest are still waiting).
definitely not...unless you want to be cold and wet.
What's the deal with the jackets having back panels that can be unzipped?   I remember reading a review from someone a while ago saying they got a bomber made to measure and opted to not have the zipped back panel, but just curious about the design.
I was part of the first group buy and there was definitely a lot of interest in an all-black version. I would be down.
No, much earlier than that. Regular black villain from mid-2013.
$300. I only saw two, black and grey both size medium. I bought the black and my brother bought the grey.
I ended up going on Saturday...surprised that they had some stuff going back to FW 2012, which I think was one of the better collections in the last few years. I tried on a few things but only got the melton wool A2 bomber jacket and a blanket lol.
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