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 this might help, http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=17198
$75 shipped to the US (lower 48) and Canada   Large loop terry knit has become a signature wings+horns fabric. This sweater is thick, very comfortable, and has really nice details for a basic sweatshirt.   Great condition, no flaws.   Tagged size is L Actual measurements with garment laid flat: 24.5" pit-to-pit 21" shoulders 27" back length 26.5" arm length from shoulder seam to cuff
 How about the all black W+H highs? [[SPOILER]]
 Not sure anymore hahaha. I originally thought that was weird too but when I measured a jacket and blazer I have, they're at 8"...but yeah, If i wanna layer or decide to get bigger then I guess it's safer to even add .25". yes, natural. I've slimmed down from 17" from a few years ago when I was training to be big. Now I realize I just want to slim down and fit into clothes better. I fluctuate from 185 to 165lbs, 5'9", 32 waist.
 You said you requested the arm widths be bumped up...there's gonna be a lot of room there, too much?FYI, my biceps are 16.25" and the recommendations were 8" - 6.6" - 5.1". I went with all of Charly's original recommendations with the exception of the elbow width..after measuring my forearms (13") he bumped that up a tad to 6.8" for more room.
I have the old villain, never looked at the tag but i have washed it a few times and laid flat to dry. I don't see any issues, these are just cotton...
Waiting for the 70 off ssense drop lol
Have you contacted Roden Gray? JE said they shipped out to RG already... Roden has a live chat and a phone number, I'm not sure how much easier it could be to check with them directly? Also, if you follow them through social media they always update when they have new stock available instore or online... ...for some reason I feel they'll be available when RG's free shipping promo is over lol
 That's perfect! That will really give me a good idea, my arms are slightly bigger than that (down from 17"), I've stopped doing any work on my biceps and have just relied on weighted dips in an effort to shrink my arms and fit better into clothes. Thanks!
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