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I was part of the first group buy and there was definitely a lot of interest in an all-black version. I would be down.
No, much earlier than that. Regular black villain from mid-2013.
$300. I only saw two, black and grey both size medium. I bought the black and my brother bought the grey.
I ended up going on Saturday...surprised that they had some stuff going back to FW 2012, which I think was one of the better collections in the last few years. I tried on a few things but only got the melton wool A2 bomber jacket and a blanket lol.
I have a black villain, one of the early iterations, and I'm surprised at how thick and heavy it is compared to the current version. I handled the latest (black also) version in-store the other day and I was quite surprised at how light weight it was compared to mine. I immediately noticed, the outside of mine has more of a texture and it definitely feels much more substantial/thicker.   Have they changed materials over the last while? Anyone else notice this?
same guys, another TOJ knockoff?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd6zQOjJ81s&list=UUHP9h7X1oGcbKXkCpp9DsUA
 it does look that way...but maybe the sleeve zips aren't zipped up?
I have a weekender which I've used consistently for travel over the last couple years and it's held up just fine. I also have a backpack that I was using regularly, it's fine as well.   I would say that their bags are probably the only thing I would recommend. I have a few of their tees and although the material is nice, they all have the upturned-wrinkly-collar problem after one wash.
^ well, it looks like you and me will be playing the same waiting game, early January QDR here too!
Glad to see some positive signs in this thread, still unsure if I'll ask for a refund or wait it out. Not really a good trend of every month or so having pages and pages of complaining to trigger any movement over there, and not even an official update this time around.
New Posts  All Forums: