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  It would probably be hard to tell the difference unless you put them side by side. The only difference is the color, the tan ones look to be a shade lighter and pricing means their seasonal whereas the khaki is the core color. Based on those pictures and comparing to one of the pairs I own, I have the khaki ones but it's hard to tell lol. 
65% off seasonal at W+H webstore now.   There's some good deals on some outerwear, some versions of their chinos, and a pair of their summer "reed" colored high tops.
Wow, looks great. This is a really strong collection in my opinion, a good comeback considering the last couple seasons haven't been very strong with too many recycled styles and questionable fabric choices.
some added optimism or this might be irrelevant, for any folks waiting on a QDR (like myself), I was going through old posts and they had been lumped in with the BCDR batches in the past...
what about 2010 DR's and QDR's?
 But the SF community is a little more open than the SZ crowd, I couldn't count how many times I've seen the guy running SZ telling new posters to "get the fuck off this forum".
Are you sure about that? On the Libertine facebook page he said it was due to a shortage of leather from using that inventory on the restaurant's seating.
The "end of the month" has come and gone guys...
Jackets seem to be going out slowly, #toj and #templeofjawnz on Instagram shows some recent deliveries.
 I'm not attacking anyone personally, that's not the point of my post. My issues have to do with their customer service and recent reviews of finishing and quality. And for those that keep saying they don't have a retail location, they moved a while back into a storefront complex with signage, customer parking spots, etc.
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