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I have a weekender which I've used consistently for travel over the last couple years and it's held up just fine. I also have a backpack that I was using regularly, it's fine as well.   I would say that their bags are probably the only thing I would recommend. I have a few of their tees and although the material is nice, they all have the upturned-wrinkly-collar problem after one wash.
^ well, it looks like you and me will be playing the same waiting game, early January QDR here too!
Glad to see some positive signs in this thread, still unsure if I'll ask for a refund or wait it out. Not really a good trend of every month or so having pages and pages of complaining to trigger any movement over there, and not even an official update this time around.
$225, shipping is $25 to US and Canada, please inquire for other locations.   FW 13-14 overlocked DNA jeans size 48 (32 US) 100% 12 oz cotton canvas overdyed black canvas   Description: The DNA jeans are a classic piece from our studio and have become one of the best selling items the studio has ever produced. The upper block of the jeans is made in the same manner a traditional five pocket jeans, however the leg of the jean is cut with the seams intended to spiral...
So my brother goes to Viberg in person today, interested in getting the matte calf service boots. Walks in, no one at the counter, after a fews mins of checking stuff out (majority work/industrial boots on display, none of the "fashion" footwear online), father and son come out and don't say hi as they leave. Few mins later an older lady comes out to help. My brother says he's interested in getting service boots and she says "those are online only". WTF!?!? After not...
 Yeah, I wore them throughout the summer and the paint is wearing off in areas of stress and the red is showing through, just as I was hoping for. I didn't use "crackle" type paint so they don't crack like the MMM versions.
Hey guys, the gap x GQ collection is "available" now. It's not linked anywhere but if you search for gq the items all show up, both US and Canada sites. I placed an order last night.
Anybody know the length of KVA multilace laces? Thinking of swapping from white to black.
holy shit, distorb finally got his jacket! congrats lol
only works on SS14, sale section is already discounted and it doesn't apply there.
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