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Have you managed to fix the collars on your tees? It seems like after just one wash they get floppy and twisted, happened with the pocket tees and u-necks that I have.
I just called and placed an order for pickup, beef bulgogi and bibimbap. Drew said it would be ready in about 20 weeks.
It's back and better than ever!
Are the asian market uniqlo garments just upsized (labeled larger) or are they completely different fits?   I picked up some oxfords in Thailand about 1.5 years ago and had to size up to an XL to fit chest, shoulders, arms but had to get the body and length tailored. I wear in L top in everything else.   For an athletic build I can't seem to find a better fit than the club monaco slim fit oxfords.
what are the measurements for a 54? pit-to-pit, shoulders, arm length, jacket length...
black and white flyknit lunar 3's restocked at haven.
my QDR's only at 56 weeks...
Flyknit lunar3's dropped on haven, I missed my size
 I don't see the login anymore. I just got an refund notification email from W+H for the shipping cost so they probably just verified internally through their system.
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