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So the online retailers don't get in trouble for marking down the declared value.
$50 shipped now (it costs me $20 to ship)
any experiences with menlook? customs and duties?
TBS has 20% VAT reduction and the occasional 20% off additional. Still doesn't add up to CP's only being $30 - $40 more???   End of season sales is a gamble with sizing obviously and getting white or black colorways for lows/mids/highs in your size is unlikely.   I was planning on a FREE proxy with no shipping fees as my friend is visiting from Japan so I'm hoping to get these for under $200.
Anyone have any experience with Ambassadors by Verginia? They have highs and lows in leather and suede colorways. Made in portugal using what appear to be the margom soles.   Found these on rakuten and might get a pair proxy'd.  
price drop, $90 shipped!
all sizes of black villain available at revolve now...
 It was, and may still be 60 off.
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