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 We are not getting our orders! Look at the spreadsheet progress over the last while. Look how fast Falcon can turn over orders using the TOJ workshops.
Good luck with this venture!   Now, if only I could get a charge back for the TOJ I'm still waiting for.
I've seen some MDR's with quilting in the QDR gallery. You can tell because the pocket configuration is different, so I'm assuming that the quilting was an available option on the MDR.
yes they are very slim in the shoulders and arms and too loose around the waist if sizing up. After trying many different brands, club monaco slim fits are the best fit off the rack.
too bulky for running? too warm for skiing?
Thanks! I just figured it out, only been in China for a couple days so far...
Does the google spreadsheet work in China? I'm traveling and can't access it...
Jan 2014 order   SF/ToJ Potential Paypal Group Complaint Members: 1 dvskei 2 chenm0416 3 Feji 4 MickeyPunch 5 StPauli 6 reallypeacedoff 7 wklq76a 8 FireGX 9 RetroFuture 10 Spaghettimatt 11 Nolvadex 12 flipster 13 TheObserver 14 bakasam 15 Death24xASecond 16 Demure 17 veekta 18 SuperFamicom 19 pyroxyze 20 ninopwns 21 Danay 22 jim_n 23 segrantz 24 jacobs412 25 Rommel
while you're in gastown stop by Dutil denim. Also, the W+H/reigning champ shop if you haven't been to their retail space.   If you're in Victoria, check out fourhorsemen and still life.
@kidcoin any size 8us/41 still available?
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