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What's the deal with the jackets having back panels that can be unzipped?   I remember reading a review from someone a while ago saying they got a bomber made to measure and opted to not have the zipped back panel, but just curious about the design.
I was part of the first group buy and there was definitely a lot of interest in an all-black version. I would be down.
No, much earlier than that. Regular black villain from mid-2013.
$300. I only saw two, black and grey both size medium. I bought the black and my brother bought the grey.
I ended up going on Saturday...surprised that they had some stuff going back to FW 2012, which I think was one of the better collections in the last few years. I tried on a few things but only got the melton wool A2 bomber jacket and a blanket lol.
I have a black villain, one of the early iterations, and I'm surprised at how thick and heavy it is compared to the current version. I handled the latest (black also) version in-store the other day and I was quite surprised at how light weight it was compared to mine. I immediately noticed, the outside of mine has more of a texture and it definitely feels much more substantial/thicker.   Have they changed materials over the last while? Anyone else notice this?
same guys, another TOJ knockoff?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd6zQOjJ81s&list=UUHP9h7X1oGcbKXkCpp9DsUA
 it does look that way...but maybe the sleeve zips aren't zipped up?
I have a weekender which I've used consistently for travel over the last couple years and it's held up just fine. I also have a backpack that I was using regularly, it's fine as well.   I would say that their bags are probably the only thing I would recommend. I have a few of their tees and although the material is nice, they all have the upturned-wrinkly-collar problem after one wash.
^ well, it looks like you and me will be playing the same waiting game, early January QDR here too!
New Posts  All Forums: