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I've been trying to get a hold of Drew, trying to make some changes to my QDR sizing. Has anyone been in contact recently?
I heard he was taking the leather off of the benches to use them to fulfill the remaining jacket orders. This way the leather is even more buttery soft and broken in.   where's my QDR
I wear true with the new flyknit lunar 3, half size down on the flyknit chukka FSB...
- We understand that your request is about identifying some facts in Korea(or related to Korean company) regarding a criminal case occurred in United States. - To conduct investigation on the facts, it needs to be requested by your police organization via INTERPOL channel. - In this wise, we recommend you to report the case to your police and the police would request us to investigate the facts in Korea which they need to identify.
Oh, I also submitted the petition and got confirmations that it was filed, and then received.
these were likely the reviews that initially caused them to restrict the page, LOL     Remi Daigle — 1 starGarbage service and garbage food, owner stole many people's moneys Where's my leather jacket? about 2 weeks ago · 1 Review ·     Floy Bond — 1 starThe food tasted like very old leather. Owner should be locked up. about 2 weeks ago · 1 Review ·
Same response from Paypal and my bank here in Canada.Paypal did say they there is protection for MTO/MTM items that was recently added to their policies, however it's only 180 days. They did say they're aware of the situation and have taken a "long, hard look at this individual" but couldn't disclose any more information than that. Also, funded with my bank account and the bank couldn't do anything because it was outside the dispute time frame which is only 30 days (or...
 No, it does not...but photography is one of the factors. However, at least you have a jacket while Drew has my money.
 We are not getting our orders! Look at the spreadsheet progress over the last while. Look how fast Falcon can turn over orders using the TOJ workshops.
Good luck with this venture!   Now, if only I could get a charge back for the TOJ I'm still waiting for.
New Posts  All Forums: