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  FYI, the markings suggest it was made by Cheaney. (See very similar markings in this thread.) Also -- and this might just be me, or the particular last used for my old pair of Cheaneys -- they feel smaller than the same size in Allen Edmonds. I'm very comfortable in an AE 9.5D but a Cheaney 9.5D felt a little cramped both in length and around the toes. Hope this is useful.
  Thanks, that's interesting. I've never seen them on casual jackets or coats before and was surprised to see them this time. But now that you mention it, maybe I've never seen them because I never looked that closely.
Had a pretty good day. And a pretty good yesterday, too.   At lunch I popped into the thrift store down the block and found these. From left to right: John Varvatos made in Italy; unknown made in France (see teaser for the tag; any ideas would be welcomed!); Atelson Collection super 130s (anyone know this brand?); and my very first Zanella unicorn. All of these are about an inch too small in the waist for me; thus, they strengthen my resolve to drop more poundage. In...
Congrats! I love it when I'm able to do that!   I've gotten into the mode of scanning the pants racks for pinstripe, plaid, nailhead, or any other pants that suggest they were part of a suit, grabbing several of them, then trying to find their matching jackets. I've always felt that I'm more likely to find orphaned jackets than orphaned pants so starting with the pants makes the job easier. That's the theory, anyway.
  My guess is that some people think they can get away with it because it's "not a real store". On the same note, many thrift stores I've been to around here, especially the tiny charities, have big problems with shoplifting. Maybe they confuse "cheap" with "free", or they decide that the elderly volunteers who run the place won't care. Probably some interesting behavioral economics going on here.
Almost forgot to mention this:   Anyone need a pair of burgundy AE Sanfords in size 15D? Will proxy. I think these are the biggest shoes I've ever seen (or at least bothered to look at) at a thrift store. If all else fails, they'll make classy clown shoes.  
  I usually keep my questions simple, such as "Please describe the smell of the armpits and the crotch area. Does the material have any significant taste?"
Mailed something to CesarC a week ago and jokingly said he could repay me with the next Oxxford suit he finds in a 43R, small moth holes acceptable. This morning, I find nothing in the local GW; nothing in the local Unique Thrift (aka Value Village); and decide to hit one last small shop on my way home.   I have no idea how you planted these here, Cesar, but I'm impressed.     One 2B navy solid suit, one 2B blue pinstripe suit, one orphaned 2B navy solid...
Found a couple beautiful 3-roll-2 J. Press tweed jackets that aren't my size, dammit dammit dammit. Both have Donegal Mist tweed, no size tag but measure like 44Ls: 19 shoulder, 32.5 length, 23 pit-to-pit, 25 sleeve. Available!       [[SPOILER]]     The second one:     [[SPOILER]]
driftking and bengal-stripe,   Many thanks! With that extra information, I found several examples of other Tweed by Cheaney shoes that have last/number stamps in an identical format; for example, this one.   On one of the shoes there was only the tiniest bit of writing left at the top of the insole, so little that I didn't try to take a picture of it. (It was basically a "CH" and what appeared to be a Gothic letter "P".) I can now tell that I'm looking at "(a...
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