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They've been responsive but it annoys me when places advertise having stock yet they don't!
Placed my 1st order with these guys last week and not really impressed so far. Had not heard from them re delivery so after following up, was told they were not in stock so had to get them in. Was told they would be sent the very next day yet they were not. It's been a week + and still no delivery :s
Does anyone know of any 15%-20% discount codes fro Herring going around at the moment? Any help will be greatly appreciated
Wow thanks Journeyman, thank you very much for the comprehensive reply. I definitely understand the difference between the Derby and Oxfords now. I guess I never really paid attention and it means I have a lot to learn!I'll probably need some time to digest your reply and I hope you don't mind if I come back with a few questions.I notice you're in Australia as well... I guess you'll understand my frustration with not being able to see these shoes in the flesh in store...
Thanks guys - I appreciate that you've taken the time to reply. Was actually referring to the suit in the picture rather than the shoes, about how they're quite slim. I definitely want to go for a pair of Oxfords, or something similar. Re the name of the section near the tongue, was actually referring to the 'instep height' lol presumably a lower height here gives the illusion of a sleeker shoe? I think I also need to research 'last' as well
Hi everyone from Australia! My work shoes have again worn out and I would like to pay a little more for a pair of welted Loakes (still want to keep the cost down though if I can). My only problem is that I wear very slim cut pants as per the below imagine and I am concerned that even the most sleekest Loakes might look too chunky. Since I am in Australia and the range they stock in the stores here is very limited and it's hard to judge solely from online pictures, I'd...
Thanks for the Townsman ties Selvedged... arrived as per your description. Thanks again
Hey guys Just a quick Q pls. I am thinking of buying the following Loakes: I am however slightly concerned with the polished black leather finish.. I am not a fan of glossy finish. How would these wear over time? Thanks
what's the watch? lol
Thank for the Tie Selvedged, arrived perfectly as expected and as described! Pleasure to deal with.
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