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First time posting in threads like this, never knew how difficult it is to take a picture of yourself in the mirror.  I'll try getting better at this...         Suit: J. Crew Tie: Rugby Shirt: BB Shoes: Alden
I didn't read this whole thread, so if someone has already stated this clearly then ignore my post.   How much you spend on shoes has nothing to do with your net worth.  Absolutely zero.  How much one spends on shoes is a reflection on how one values shoes relative to other goods.  A person could spend $500 (or $5,000) on shoes and eat $.15 packages of ramen noodles every night.  Conversely, a person could eat filet mignon every night and consider spending more than...
I have a pair of Alden Shell Cordovan LWBs in color 8 for sale.  I wore them to work one day and have come to the unfortunate conclusion that they are just too big.  I sit in front of a computer all day at work so the only wear they have is walking to my car and back.  Other than that, they are brand new.   These are my first pair of cordovan and they are truly gorgeous shoes.  I wish I had realized the fit wasn't right before I wore them out but my loss is your...
Interest in brown Neumora's in 9.5 3E, sent PM.
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