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Awesome fit!  Silver or Excella zips?
Unfortunately I have to brave the brutal heat of DFW this Summer on business.  I'm moving from New England so I'll probably have to buy a whole new wardrobe to deal with the heat.  My work is very casual so I will need very little formal stuff.     If you were moving to Dallas for the Summer and had to refresh your wardrobe what would you buy?
 I'm not seeing Parisian Blue as an option in the designer, is it called something else?
 Thnak you sir!
Going to grab my first pair of ranger mocs soon with RLH soles and chromexcel. Any recommendations on potential colorways? Also should I go with my true Braddock size?
I have a single and I can't even imagine how thick a double would be.
How do the ridged selvedge officer chinos fit compared to the slim fit chino?
Super helpful, thanks!
 Definitely not complaining as I bought these from the eBay app on my iPhone in like 30 seconds.  Just wondering what model they are.  Thanks for the info. 
Yeah I mean it was a quick trigger-pull for me and I dig the pants but I'm just trying to figure out what model they are.  Do you have a link to them online?
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