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 No you will definitely need some kind of jacket or parka over it.  It was 20F on my way home this evening and my ULD with my TOJ fishtail and a scarf was perfect.
OK so it's now been 12 days with no response from Charley.  I've "bumped" the email thread 3 times.  Anyone heard from him lately?  
I have a mint condition Oxblood Stark from FW13 size L that I'm looking to trade for an XL stark if anyone's interested.
Bump my message on the email thread? I did this two times in the last 9 days now and haven't heard back. Are you talking about the templeofjawnz@gmail address?
Anyone heard back from Charley this week?  I emailed him 8 days ago and then again 2 days ago and nothing...usually he responds within at least 24hrs.
I need to buy some winter boots for the GF and I'm completely clueless on where to start.  All I know is NO FUCKING UGGS.
Ordered a Moto on 8/10/13 and Charley gave me an ETA of "about a month or so" on 10/15 so I'm guessing mine will ship in a few weeks.
 I grabbed a pair of the PBJ jeans as well and I find the fit to be perfect, but my feet are a size 10.5.  For $70 they're a pretty good deal IMO and when they go on sale I'll pick up another pair or two.
Any additional info on the Boothbay loafers posted on the Rancourt Instaagram account?
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