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Per Drew's update......Moto order from 8/10/13 arrived today!!    No tracking.  Have faith everyone!
Ordered a Moto in early August 2013...hoping to get tracking next week!
Price reduced to $675
Selling my Brown Lamb A2 with the following measurements:   Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeve: 26.5" Pit to Pit: 22" Waist: 19.75" Front Length: 23" Back Length: 25" Width @pit: 7.35" Width @elbow: 6.35" Width @cuff: 5.35"    
 No you will definitely need some kind of jacket or parka over it.  It was 20F on my way home this evening and my ULD with my TOJ fishtail and a scarf was perfect.
OK so it's now been 12 days with no response from Charley.  I've "bumped" the email thread 3 times.  Anyone heard from him lately?  
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