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Quote: Originally Posted by Aus_MD The use of 'factory' as a place for munufacture predates te use of 'manufactory' as a place of manufacture. It should also not be missed that the words "munufacture" and "te" are so futuristic as to have not yet been invented (at least in English), which is impressive. If you're going to be a pedant...... May I just take this opportunity to thank whoever rated my thread one star? It's my first star and...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos By hand? Or with a machine? Surprised you have to ask - by His right hand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Burton This is the most inane and useless thread I have ever seen. You're probably right (although let me be clear that I cannot, am not, and will never claim to know all the threads that you, or anyone else, have ever seen. Thread-seeing is also not my profession so I don't have a legitimate perspective on it). I therefore add to the crescendo of apologies, in my case for starting the thread - I should have known...
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Did you find out who the guy was? Wasn't my post, but Ascot Shoes did somehow manage to end up with just about every pair of shoes from the November John Lobb sale at vastly inflated prices, so I could hazard a guess......
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Maybe I can summarize.... Hand lasting can address issues of uneven temper and/or stretch, which, in the normal course of things, machine lasting cannot. Hand lasting brings an awareness of position and tensions and balance to a shoe that machine lasting ordinarily does not. An inside cone last (generally accepted as better fitting than a straight-cone last) can be hand lasted much more easily and accurately...
Just read the entire thread, thanks for all the responses. Quote: Originally Posted by Tidybeard Any particular advantage to hand lasting over machine lasting? Er, do we have any suggestions?
Thank you all, informative thread. DWFII, do you have any views on the overall quality of Trickers hand lasted shoes please? I wore the shoes today and they're extremely comfortable. I'd post a picture but the sight of a full-on double soled orangey-tan Trickers derby would cause instant and painful death amongst the skinny shoe brigade
Thanks all. I'll be breaking them in today, always a pleasure with double-soled shoes Vox, I really enjoyed the tour of Northampton thread, thanks for the link.
I picked up a pair of Trickers derbies today and on the sole is marked "Hand lasted - Bench made in England". I didn't realise any of the mainstream makers still do hand lasting (or maybe the pair had been in stock for a little while). Any particular advantage to hand lasting over machine lasting? I realise they are almost certainly gemmed and therefore worthless but I like them so what the hell.
Portnoy is Korean?
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