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The problem with the Lobb factory shop is that they are hugely suspicious of anyone they don't know (they hate Ebay sellers) and that can give off a strong negative vibe. Once you've been there a few times and bought some shoes (ideally in your own size), they lighten up a bit and become a lot more friendly. In one of my early visits I was asked if I was Ascot Shoes because I was looking at shoes that weren't my size! (I'm not Ascot Shoes, by the way ).
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc I really don't know if there is anything that can be done. Honestly, of all the fora I've been on, this one has BY FAR the best moderation, best balance, etc. Nevertheless, it's sort of the writing-on-the-wall, and going through the SAME thing I've seen on all the others in terms of how things go. I'm not sure that it is something, either, that could be solved with the banhammer (that, too, was the result/strategy on...
I've been around this loop myself. I alternate between Filson 257 in tan (, Tumi 26141 in black ( and the Papworth 77 computer case in London Tan ( I really like them all, but for any sort of travelling the Tumi is by far the best. It's exceptionally well designed, holds and organises a ton of stuff and is very...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff absolutely dont get you on this one. sure, you ask can i get. what else do you want a person to say? "give me a coffee" . sure. a kid can say that. "can i get/may i have..." it is just courtesy in speaking. dont let it aggravate you son. But it does aggravate me Dad, because to me courtesy is important and it takes no effort. Here in the UK, "can I get" has taken over. In fact, the next time someone says it...
"Can I get", as in "can I get a latte?". Well, since you're in Starbucks there is a very good chance. Would you like one?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coatwright It pleases me greatly to read how highly you rate the Invertere coats. Invertere ARE still manufacturing coats in England although only selling direct to the end customer. Having read many of the posts on Style Forum it appears American men are still far more passionate and knowledgable about their clothing than us Brits. That's great to hear - where do we find out more about them? By the way, I'm a Brit!
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria The answer is a real Grenfell or an Invertere, both deceased. - B Agreed. I have a couple of Invertere raincoats and an Aquascutum trench (made in England). The Invertere are absolutely fantastic and put the Aquascutum to shame - I've never seen a better constructed coat. A real shame that they couldn't make it work.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I wouldn't dye it. If you don't want it, I'll bet you can turn it over on B&S very quickly. I just picked up an Invertere Squire (corduroy hunting jacket with suede shoulders) and it's freaking amazing. Can't wait to wear it. Thanks, I think I've abandoned the idea. I agree, they are really wonderful coats - a real shame that they couldn't make it work.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Wait for next summer. Won't I be wearing shorts and polo shirt in the summer?
For the lighter weight stuff I like high twist cloth. I have a suit made up from H&S 9oz high twist and it's proven really good, especially for travel. It's light weight, strong and resists wrinkles really well.
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