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Thanks Kent. Strangely enough, that's probably my favourite too.
I'm loving some of the shirts on this thread, although it makes me realise I need to get better at folding! A couple of my favourites. I've found a tailor locally that has a good rep who makes shirts for £95. I think I'll give him a go next time. Antonio Fusco A Basile Duca Visconti Canali Dunhill Balenciaga
Latest acquisition - I have been after some tan wholecuts for some time.
I can't comment on the bags in question but I think you're on the right track. I use a Tumi 26141 when I need to drag the laptop plus a lot of other kit around, and a very nice tan leather briefcase (not unlike your first pic) when it's the laptop plus a notepad, or even no laptop. Of your choices, I like the first one. Tan is a good contrast if you already have a black nylon bag, plus it ages beautifully. Happy hunting!
I've never even considered thrifting before (just not on the radar, rather than any snobbishness) until this thread but today I went out to see how the land lies. From TK Maxx - Charles Tyrwhitt raincoat - £30, two Turnbull & Asser ties, £20, Canali shirt, £20 (all new). They had some T&A shirts for £30 but they were truly horrible patterns. From local cancer research shop - cashmere sport coat, brown (pockets still sewn shut) - £4.75, corduroy sport coat,...
Hello all, Following my shoe-buying frenzy last week, I have been looking for some good quality trees that are reasonably priced. I ordered four pairs from TM Lewin http://www.tmlewin.co.uk/product.asp...cessories!SHTR but they contrived to send three of the wrong size and now the size I need is out of stock (they're on back order). The one pair I did keep seem to be good quality (they are varnished, though). I then tried http://www.shoe-trees.co.uk/erol.html#1X0...
Quote: Originally Posted by dokelroth Rose gold sun and moon reverso. So, any pics? The sun and moon is a beautiful thing. Plus, since you kindly slammed my choice, I feel the least you can do is let us see yours.
Quote: Originally Posted by dokelroth Rose gold sun and moon reverso. I love JLC - any pics?
I'll have a go :-) I'm not really a fan of the "classic" thin dress watch on a strap, they tend to get a bit lost on me. I wear the Cartier with a suit generally but I wear any of them when they take my mood. About the only no-no for me is to wear the GMT with a suit because often it can give people (clients/co-workers/boss) the wrong impression (i.e. that I'm flash and label-oriented). The irony of not wearing a Rolex because of the impression it creates is not...
My current modest collection: I bought this in 1989 when I got my first proper job. Back then I definitely bought it in ignorance thinking it was "the best". That said, I wore it every day for over 10 years in all circumstances and it has held up fantastically. It's had one service! I tend to wear this one with suits or when I don't want a nice watch to be noticed (which is quite often as I travel a lot). I reckon I've had this about 8 years. I'm not normally a...
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