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Quote: Originally Posted by dokelroth Rose gold sun and moon reverso. I love JLC - any pics?
I'll have a go :-) I'm not really a fan of the "classic" thin dress watch on a strap, they tend to get a bit lost on me. I wear the Cartier with a suit generally but I wear any of them when they take my mood. About the only no-no for me is to wear the GMT with a suit because often it can give people (clients/co-workers/boss) the wrong impression (i.e. that I'm flash and label-oriented). The irony of not wearing a Rolex because of the impression it creates is not...
My current modest collection: I bought this in 1989 when I got my first proper job. Back then I definitely bought it in ignorance thinking it was "the best". That said, I wore it every day for over 10 years in all circumstances and it has held up fantastically. It's had one service! I tend to wear this one with suits or when I don't want a nice watch to be noticed (which is quite often as I travel a lot). I reckon I've had this about 8 years. I'm not normally a...
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart My pilgrimage to Northampton: John Lobb factory: von Rothbart, if you took this pic on either Wednesday or Friday this week, there is a good chance I was inside, partaking of its delights.
Hi Grimslade, I only bought them this week. Had the brown captoes on yesterday, loafers today....they'll get worn all right. My shoe trees arrived today from TM Lewin, they sent one pair of the right size and several of the wrong size...back they go! Cheers, TB
Thanks guys, I'm very much a newbie compared to some of you I have a couple of other decent pairs that I'll post when I get a chance to take some pics. Looking forward very much to becoming a contributor.
Hi all, First post, here's my collection of JLs. Sandown, honey calf Salisbury, buck suede Braemar Canasta Uzes Appleby black calf Appleby dark brown calf All together Have a good day all!
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