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Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Barker, then. Very good. Yes, Abingdon from the Anniversary range. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/barker/products/3317.php I haven't tried Barker before but the Anni range is very nice - good to see the lower-end makers are able to turn out something decent when they put their mind to it. I'd like to see them do well this range but at the same price as C&J benchgrade I think they have their work cut out (they...
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Swimms? No, although I'm quite impressed with the beading on the car after the polish/seal I put on.
Quote: Originally Posted by pabloj Duckbills? I'm not a great photographer and they do look a bit long in the vamp/toe in these pics (size UK11)....but no Here's a stock pic:
Mystery shoes.....can anyone name them?
Pretty sure those toe caps are deerskin.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Thank you. A8 anyone? I'm going to have one replace the all too conspicuous S-Class. Now that I live in small-town USA ... I can't afford to stand out. Yes, the A8 is a very good car. See post 13 for more info.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS What does the 9/10 mean ... really? You may PM if you don't wish to derail further ... but if you don't give a damn ... just post right here. Nothing earth shattering, just nine out of ten for the thread derail. It would have been ten out of ten if you and George had started talking about Xenu or something but overall nine is a great effort - congrats.
Excellent thread derail. 9/10.
I have an 09 3.0tdi quattro sport (I live in the UK). Very comfortable, quiet, understated and refined and eats big miles effortlessly - I can get 800 miles on a tank of diesel with a light right foot or it will cruise at three figures with very little fuss and still return 30+mpg. Tons of space too. Lots of toys and things to keep you amused - my only concern would be electricals - I've had two of the "push button" door handles fail (if you have the key on you you can...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer you should be able to do better than that...pediwear has them for like 450, right? Don't think so - AFAIK Pediwear doesn't carry Church's. Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH If you condition them after the rain and keep a layer of wax on them water will just bead off of them. Build small layers of wax on them. This should help quite a bit. Thanks for taking the...
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