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Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Macarthur.
OP, Church's get a bad rap on SF but they are very good shoes. That said, with £500 I'd get on the train to Northampton and go to the Lobb factory shop. Less than £500 and a league above the others. You're not guaranteed to get the style you want but you'll have fun looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Maybe so but we Americans have a birthright to whine and complain about anything and everything. We don't care to find solutions (the words "compromise" and "living within your means" are alien to us). We just want to wake up in the morning and see the perfect world and the perfect life we are entitled to just because we are Americans and we are automatically better than everyone else and although we are the world's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara You live 180 miles away dude. Come on. Oh I don't commute. Just highlighting the cost of public transport here into our capital. New York to Washington is about the same distance, how much is a standard rail ticket?
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I get ~30 MPG for city driving and low to mid 30s for highway, but I still hate paying $3.60 for a gallon of gas. I have a business proposal for you. You buy as many gallons as you can for $3.60 and I'll give you $4.00 for every gallon, as long as you cover the transportation costs to me. Deal? I paid £131.48 to fill my car this afternoon. For those too lazy to look it up, that's $211.19 in your funny...
Spamalanche in GC most days, especially in the morning UK time.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger ^^^Tidy, I'd go with your gut. For me a two button jacket with envelope patch pockets would be sweet. Nice thick lapels too. If I get my gut involved I might need 3 metres Just kidding, thanks for the advice. I think that's what I'll go for.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH This is typical of all shell. In my experience yes (including a number of pairs from other makers), although there are numerous threads around suggesting that other members' shell is unaffected by rain. To be fair, you gave me some good advice in a similar thread about a coat of wax polish on shell that does seem to have improved things a little, so thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by PERhodes Just happened to see this thread back at the top. I ended up buying one last week - 2008 A8L black on black. Sir has excellent taste. All the cool kids are driving black on black A8s
Just a word of caution on the crup (which is, of course, shell cordovan). I have Lancaster and Shannon (the other two storm welted "heavy" Church's in the range) in crup and they welt horribly when wet. I'm not sure what shell Church's uses but my experience of them is although they look nice when polished and are comfortable, they are high-maintenance if you live in a damp climate. I got so peeved with crup that I got my Graftons in black binder (nowhere near as...
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