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We have two, one of each. They're now 10 and 7. We talked about a third a few years ago but decided against for a lot of the reasons you mentioned - babies and toddlers are exhausting, less time to spend with the other children, no personal life, etc. My wife was quite broody at the time and her friends were having babies - I do think that women think about this differently (via hormones) than men. However, now we don't regret it at all - our kids get along really well...
Yep, UPS international deliveries are a lot of fun. I recently bought something from the US (I'm in the UK) and the overall UPS bill came to more than 40% of the purchase price. Turns out that the overall cost was: Item cost x. Shipping cost y. Import duty approx 15% on item cost plus shipping cost added together (x + y * 15%) total z. VAT on total z at 20% (yes, a tax on a tax on an item bought with money that had already been taxed....). UPS handling charge of...
I've just acquired my first pair of kangaroo leather (Comfort Craftsman in Tanbark) - anything I should do differently to care for them from my yearling boots? I don't like an excessively shiny finish so normally with new boots I'd condition and then maybe use a bit of shoe cream. Does that work OK on roo?
Why have none of the dooshbag spammers spotted the gap in our market and offered Forum Lag Removal spray (I assume it would come in a spray)? I'd call it Antimantonia.
As a Liverpool fan, I can't believe I'm going to say this but I hope United win the final (I hate myself already for saying that) but last night's exhibition was a disgrace to football. Both teams cheating horribly, consistently and cynically. Barcelona were significantly worse but they were both at it. Flinging yourself to the ground, screaming in agony and rolling over clutching your face/leg/whatever then jumping up and running around time after time isn't "playing...
I'm a terrible buyer/collector/hoarder of sunglasses. Obviously aesthetics are subjective but in terms of outright quality, it's very hard to beat Serengeti. I'm currently wearing a pair of their polarized driver's lenses in the car which are spectacularly good for driving (amazingly ) and a pair of non-polarized 555nm lenses for general non-car wear. Both are excellent - glass lenses, solid construction and fairly classically styled (although they do both lenses in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Macarthur.
OP, Church's get a bad rap on SF but they are very good shoes. That said, with £500 I'd get on the train to Northampton and go to the Lobb factory shop. Less than £500 and a league above the others. You're not guaranteed to get the style you want but you'll have fun looking.
Spamalanche in GC most days, especially in the morning UK time.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger ^^^Tidy, I'd go with your gut. For me a two button jacket with envelope patch pockets would be sweet. Nice thick lapels too. If I get my gut involved I might need 3 metres Just kidding, thanks for the advice. I think that's what I'll go for.
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