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Thank you, much appreciated.
Thanks for your efforts on this thread. What are your thoughts on Maui Jim?
Yes, legit stores in Ireland
Looks like a Mojave/Olivers Mount
If the G fit Church's fit you well (depending on the last) then it's unlikely that the E fit Lobbs will be wide enough (again, depends on the last). I have several Church's (F fitting) and Lobb (E fitting) and they are similar in width.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but potentially an expensive mistake if you can't try them on, IMO.
Someone bought these for £300 today, just a day after they listed. I agree with others, without the band-aids they would be perfect and I would have bought them myself. A biker somewhere is going to be having fun today...
Thank you for that, much appreciated.
Don't know what that is - does it come with a dental plan?
Thanks for the comments. I got the shoes from the Trickers shop on Jermyn St (I'm in the UK). Regarding Church's, I'm a big fan of their heavy shoes. That Grafton is actually Cordovan (burgundy) in colour made from pull-up leather on a Dainite sole with storm welt which makes it great for wet weather. I have Grafton in black binder on Dainite (again storm welt) which are also great when wet, and (to make it the full set of their "triple sole" collection ), Shannon and...
Thank you. I got them from the Trickers shop in London, a MTO.Macarthur - thanks. I have been a long-term admirer of your shell collection :-).
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