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Last drop Santonis are now $100.
Thanks bought them for the tie alone, let's hope there isn't any major pulls. I have two charvet ties that seem prone to them.
The EG's have found a home but the Santoni's have been reduced now $125... Hopefully there is a home for these great shoes...
The diaper funding drive sale continues! Beautiful Santoni size 13, deep brown and developing a nice patina, commando sole, REDUCED $145 ---> $100 Vintage EG on the 202 last that somehow developed a tear in the leather, this shoe is somewhat narrow for me (I'm 13 D/E) so it's not worth it for me to fix the leather. I have no idea what it would cost to fix the leather, and I imagine no matter how good the job, there will be a slight "scar" on the leather. Note these...
That is an awful seller. They made me jump through hoops to get a refund on a suit I got from them, they simply ignored my request for refunds and started to give one excuse after another, finally I disputed with paypal and they got my money back.
I'm selling these as a dynamic duo, NWT Burgandy with white pindot RLPL tie, and I'm throwing in a used Luciano Barbera Club line tie with a beautiful weave, the Luciano Barbera has no noticeable pulls except for the back and needs a good pressing. SOLD includes CONUS shipping, payment via paypal only please.
Price Drop on Buonamassa! Now $95, last drop.
Baby is due, time to add to the diaper fund, will combine shipping, paypal is preferred method of payment First up is an incredibly unique Buonamassa Napoli shirt 17/35, concealed placket, french cuffs. I have worn this less than five times, I don't even know how to explain the texture of the cotton but it is amazingly light with an almost silk look to it, PRICE DROP $105 --> $95: RLPL Pink Cashmere/Wool blend 10%/90% marked "Large" approx. 16.5/34, soft great...
For $45 a great buy, except for a few cracks in the leather. I've had AE's recrafted and they turned out great, although the sole is in really good shape on these shoes, the insole needs to be replaced and the leather reconditioned. I think the shoes will be off to Alden soon to be worked on. I sometimes stand for long periods of time in my dress shoes so this modified last is a god send. Next time I'm standing in front of a door for twelve hours my feet will thank me.
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