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Nice watch...sorely tempted. I have a watch for auction on eBay, depending on the results I may get back to you tomorrow.
I'm looking for a black silk bow tie, self tie preferably that will fit a 17.5 neck. Thanks!
The customs duty on my Charvet were painful, it added about 20% to the price of the shirt if I recall correctly, it's been a few years. Marc
Damn, I was looking for this tux all last month. Then of course gave up hope and got another brand. Oh well the price is a little more than I was looking to pay so all for the best I guess. Great tux either way.
How does it handle video formats, avi, divx, mkv, etc? Thanks!
Looking for a 44R Tuxedo 36-38 waist, 31" inseam prefer midnight blue shawl, but interested in whatever is out there.
Beautiful Buonamassa shirt 17.5/35 $45, amazingly light feel, and unique weave. Thick MOP buttons, French cuffs... Isaia 44L 2 1/2 roll Gorgeous cashmere jacket SOLD Ralph Lauren shirt 16"/34", $100 cotton, and MOP buttons $35 RLPL Pants, cotton, true 36"W/31"L SOLD PP will throw in khaki RLBL silk/cotton pants for an additional $15. These pants have yet to be worn, been sitting in my closet for almost two years. The photo makes these look somewhat flared,...
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http://cgi.ebay.com/Polo-Ralph-Laure...US_Men_s_Shoes Not sure if they are CG, but they are listed as Benchmade.
Picked up thisCarroll & Co made in Italy suede bomber from eBay recently. Just wondering if anyone knows who makes their leather jackets.
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