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SOLD If you know what Kopi Luwak is, then you know just why this is so rare and sought after. Here is your chance to brew some. If not familiar allow me to explain in the simplest way possible. A little Indonesian animal called a civet loves him some ripe coffee beans, but the poor little guy can't digest them, so he poops them out. The coffee beans are then separated from the feces, cleaned, cleaned some more, and then sold for ridiculous amounts of money due to the...
Curse you guy who makes sure suits are separated at the Goodwill, two recent model orphaned HF Madison suit jackets, in staple colors none the less, one navy blue, one charcoal grey. New enough that the pockets were still sealed shut, grrrr. Spent an hour going through all the pants, men's and women's alike trying to find the pants. No luck. I picked up the navy blue, and will probably swap out the buttons and fool myself into think it is not an orphan jacket. To make it...
If they had my size in this color I would grab them.. I like distressed leather, and contrasting color, more a casual shoe but nice nonetheless.
PM sent on RLPL 3 Pc. Suit.
Yeah I am watching those, hope to kop...
For sale is my collection of denim, in two weeks I am moving to a tropical country and will have no use for any of these jeans. The jeans are priced from $30 to $55 each, but if you are a 36X32 and looking to jump start your denim collection I will sell all of then at a significant discount. Buy ALL five pairs for $200, that is only $40 per pair, for great quality denim. I am looking for a quick sale which is why they are priced so low. I prefer to sell them this way and...
More info on the guitar please.
PM Sent.
PM sent.
If you're going for big hair like a pomp try Layrite.
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