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Try the goodwill in Fall's Church near seven corners, it's been a while since I was there, but normally I found some good stuff, also the goodwill on Arlington Blvd, near the Foreign Service Institue (if you know where that is) has been pretty good to me as well.
Any ideas on this heel pattern from a Bench Made in England for Lord & Taylor:
I did a little searching already and saw that it could be Ansewn (Alden Cape Cod), Alden, or AE. I'm leaning towards AE for these shoes. Anyone else have a suggestion?
Great day for me , everything is going on B&S except for the DB Suit, suspenders and boots. PM me if anything piques your interest. Six Zegna, four 17.5" neck, two 17", and the Armani Collezioni is 16.5" Two great Carroll Co. jackets, first one is stunning, alas does not fit, maybe a 40R (I haven't measured it yet). Second one is butter soft cashmere probably a 40R as well. Finally a Burberry DB 44R which I will keep, with NWOT tags Brooks Brothers...
1) If you have the money, then yes it is.2) Yes, but honestly I would rotate them out every couple of days if you have another pair of shoes to wear.3) For a new pair, yes.4.) My Park Avenues run true to size.
Don't taunt RJman, for the love of God!
Cops mostly wear boots.
So many were bought during the 2008 RT cufflink sale at TJ Maxx I am sure there is no shortage of people who have a pair they've tired of over the past four years.
What size are the RRL. They're my favorite jeans.
Per request.
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