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Adrian, Who is the maker?
Thanks I'll be going after this one.
A light blue shirt (lighter than the jacket) will look far better.
Terrorsquad, The Charvet are still available. Deveandepot1, The Polo ties are 100% silk, but the silk has a nice heft to it, a little like a silk cotton mix, quite nice. Thanks for your interest!
Ties for sale: All priced individually, if you'd like more than one please let me know and we can work out a deal. 1 & 2 Polo Ralph Lauren skinier ties, never worn, hand made in Italy, 58" X 2.75". Great quality, see the the slip stitch. $20 each. 3. Charvet Cream Striped 57" X 3.75 $40 4. Charvet Grey w/ iridescent purple 57" X 3.75 $40 5. Gene Meyer Tie, Cotton & Silk, 60" X 3.75, great color, white with red pin dots creates a red sheen on this tie...
Since we're on the subject of Baghdad, notice I am wearing dad jeans. Admittedly I wish I had the foresight to have a pipe in this photo. Also note the DB look how tough I am pose, yet the rifle is not even slung..
Three Turnbull and Asser button downs, may be MTM based on the date tag, neck measures just shy of 17", arms are 34, MOP buttons, neck is just a hair to tight for me so available, prefer to trade.
So so day today. Two Trafalgar braces, @2.99 each, one marked Made in England the other of unknown origins. This makes three sets of braces in one week (found a BB pair last week). Also saw a great HF tailored suit from an obviously incontinent gentleman
About to pull the trigger on these, CJ, or Cheaney? Click for the larger pics.
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