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I love that the original poster was LK.
Goodwill in Seven Corners, and the Goodwill off the 50 (I think, it;s been a while) in Arlington. I've had good luck there.
Yeah I started to research cast iron pieces and was amazed at what older pans cost
This may be an odd question, but has anyone thrifted any old cast iron pans? I started to look at some vintage cast iron and they go for upwards of $100 for the stuff from the 1930's and most seems to come from goodwill. I've started to keep my eyes peeled but no luck so far.
Quad is on the money here. Especially his comments on what constitutes quality for the majority of people. For a lot of people JM are quality shoes, and AE's are luxury shoes. It seems the rarified air we breathe on this forum sometimes causes us to have a disconnect with the population at large.
I like the one where the shirt shows past the sleeve, but only because the shirt sleeve is so long.
Beautiful watch, tempting...
I bought this on eBay last week, it was advertised as a 44R (44S), it is a 42, see measurements below. It is vintage Brioni, this is not a staple suit, it is a slim lapel, fashion forward (yet strangely vintage) suit. The images are from the eBay auction. I'm not looking to profit from the sale, selling at my cost (includes shipping + my costs to have the suit cleaned). Measurements: Size: 42R or 42S Measurements (Laying flat, Unstretched): Underarm to Underarm on...
Personal brand or not, a blazer is inappropriate at a funeral. Granted I have seen t-shirts at a funeral, but still... Generally speaking you will find the consensus here is that an undershirt should never be seen beneath a collared shirt.
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