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Ok short and sweet, either these get dropped off at various Goodwills on Tuesday or someone buys them first. Multiple items: HF, PRL Ties Finamore Shirt Turnbull Asser Shirts J. Press Linen Blue Blazer Carroll Co Cashmere Jackets Most fit a size 42R (except the Carroll Co) 17" or 17.5" neck About twenty-five items total. Must pick up in So. Cal on Monday otherwise it all get's donated.
This was an XXL that was washed, it is now closer to a L or XL, only worn once. Pre-shrunk $65!
SHIPFREE for free shipping.
Spoo, will you take a free tie and half a chicken wing
I'm trying to not make this an advertisement thread that is why I didn't post the site or pics. I will PM you the link.
Five down, only four more to go!
Three down, six more volunteers to go!
To answer a question that was asked. I would not expect anyone to shill my ties in this forum, I'm not trying to get free advertising, just somewhat inexpensive modeling
The title pretty much says it all. I have started a small line of neck wear and would like some shots of them in the wild as it were. When I say small I mean small, we only have nine ties, and three bow ties. I don't want this thread to be an advertisement so I will not hard sell the ties or the website. They are made in the states, hand sewn, and consist of seersucker, shantung, linen, and cotton ties. I would like our site to feature real people wearing our ties. I am...
Grey suede is amazing.
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