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Thought so. I'm a bit wary of the online MTM sites though, heard a few horror stories. Am I being unnecessarily cautious?$1500 is my upper limit, any ideas? I have read (from unreliable internet sources) that P Johnson starts around this mark.
Hey guys   Ordered a couple of suits online from MJ Bale. However, they really don't have the length I need (I'm 6'4" and 110 kg. I know, I was dreaming) so they have to go back. I am a big fan of the soft shoulder though, and I can't really find anything that's soft that do long sizes.   Can anyone recommend elsewhere for a RTW suit, or am I going to have to go MTM to get what I need?   I'm new here so if I've posted this in the wrong spot, or it could be...
Hi all Law student from Melbourne, Australia here. I love getting amongst op shops and finding nice bargains. Also a big fan of watches and nice suits.
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