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Yes you are correct, my concern is that there is a slight pulling on the back of the shoulders due to it being a little loose around the middle. The length of the jacket is fine, as is the sleeve length and width across the shoulders. Basically, the person seems to have almost the same body structure but to have a few more pounds around that waist, I would say they were around a half an inch to an inch wider? I’m no expert in this area though but think it is close enough...
The tailor is Davis and Son, I think I will give them a call as HansderHund suggested. However, I do see that the form is not great as it could seem like I want their services on the cheap. I like to think that is not the case as my motivation here is to re-use a very beautiful and well designed morning coat which few tailors, given the complexity, can alter without ruining  \
That may be likely as no individual tailor would last that long, however, the firm of tailors is still in existence and trading on Savile Row. I know that when you buy a garment new from one of these firms alterations can be purchased for a good number of years if not the rest of your life. However, I do not know if they would find it rude that I would want to alter the garment as I am not the original owner.
Hello,   I’ve searched the forum and not found a completely similar question, however if I am wrong about this please let me know.   I recently purchase a full morning suit from the local charity shop in a nice area. It is over 50 years old, in great condition and from Savile Row. As some slight alterations are needed, would it be bad form to write to the tailor and ask if it would be possible to have it altered? This may seem like a silly question, however, I...
Hello,   I'm a new member based in London. I've read this site for some time and have now joined as I have a few questions on men's clothes.   I am a strong believer in vintage clothes and shoes, not only because the style is great but because it is a way to re-use items rather than sending them to the landfill. This does not stop me from buying new things such as work shirts and shoes as vintage like everything else is best in moderation.    Kind regards,
New Posts  All Forums: