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Elmore Leonard's rules for good writing: 1. Never open a book with weather. 2. Avoid prologues. 3. Never use a verb other than "said" to carry dialogue. 4. Never use an adverb to modify the verb "said”…he admonished gravely. 5. Keep your exclamation points under control. You are allowed no more than two or three per 100,000 words of prose. 6. Never use the words "suddenly" or "all hell broke loose." 7. Use regional dialect, patois, sparingly. 8. Avoid detailed...
holy sh.... what a final episode. Talk about going out with a bang/
STARZ canceled it, bummer. Friday is the last episode. It was really starting to cook, the last two episodes especially
Watching the Braves, that outfield is so young and so special, Reminds me of that great Valentine-Dawson-Chromartie outfield of the Expos back in the day.
Woodchopper's Ball is about the fastest I have ever heard a guitar played. He was amazing.
Not only that, he is building VCU into a major power all on his own, the gap between the bluebloods and the mid majors has been narrowing for years, and an environment like VCU, where he has become a major program, might be enough to keep him there forever.
Watching Marquette-Butler, and I just noticed it but Buzz Williams looks like the late Hugo Chavez.
so what is the general consensus? I saw a really nice looking flannel overcoat at Yoox for about $400, looks very sharp. Am tempted.
Question, and I apologize if this has been covered, because it did not turn up for me in a search: Can lapels be raised higher on the jacket? I have a glen plaid suit made with 9 oz (I believe) Holland & Sherry cloth from a M2M outfit out of Hong Kong. I love the suit, especially the fabric, but the only issue is the lapels sit too low, making the suit look a bit dated. They really should sit higher on the chest, by a half-inch to an inch. Is it doable to fix it so the...
By fine I mean longer term, big picture, best thing about Freshmen is they become Sophmores, unless they are one and done, of course. UNC won't do much this year, but they will be good next year. They lost , what, 3 players to the first round last year? Agree with you on MSU, people are probably overestimating them based on Izzo's reputation and body of work. Indiana looks amazing, but I am concerned about the lack of a home game and an easy schedule. Illinois is...
New Posts  All Forums: