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Wow really?  Ties with jeans serve no purpose and look ugly.  If someone does that why don't they wear sweatpants with a tie?  Jeans with running shoes is bad?  I like wearing levis with air max 95s, but maybe because my style is either kind of preppy or athletic.   Some more ridiculous trends:   straight guys wearing REALLY skinny jeans, I think they were called "ex-girlfriend jeans" straight guys wearing tight khaki shorts people wearing sunglasses without lenses
What are some ridiculous fashion trends you see nowadays?  The funniest one I see is guys wearing ties with jeans, it looks ridiculous.  Why would you wear a tie, something that is part of formalwear, with jeans, something that is part of casualwear?  Everytime I see a guy do that I just want to slap him lol.
Hi, I'm a 28 year old male.  I often read magazines like details, esquire, or GQ that talk about fashion and they are always advertising clothes that seem outlandishly expensive!  Like $100-$200 for a casual shirt!  I live in San Francisco and work as a software engineer so I never need to wear a suit, however, the ladies do appreciate a well dressed man.  I make roughly 100k a year so I'm not poor or rich in San Francisco.  However, this income is considered high for a...
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