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I just thought running shoes looked fine with jeans.  In college plenty of guys did that, but then I guess most people here would think we all had bad taste.  Cambel, have you tried wearing cole haan shoes?  I read they are formal shoes that are made by nike with a nike air sole for comfort.
Every time I have seen a tie with jeans I think 2 things: "man that's awkward" and "that serves absolutely no purpose"
They don't but with a dress shirt and slacks don't look ugly.
Thanks man.  I visited Kent Wang and that stuff looks great but it's too expensive!  All the shirts are over $100!  Where did you find them for $60?  Anyways, I live in SF where a studio in a nice area runs $1800!
Thank you for the advice, I forgot about Brooks Brothers they have some quality stuff.  As for trousers, I only wear those to interviews and I am fine with the calvin klein/banana republic/express pairs I have.    I'd like to wear a suit sometime, but I just never get the opportunity to in my industry so I don't own one.  I really like suits by Gieves and Hawkes and Tom Ford.   The only serious life expense I have is rent in SF lol.  It costs around $1800 a month for a...
Well, I agree that wearing jeans with running shoes you actually frequently run in looks bad, because they look beat up.  But I like levis with a clean pair of air max 95s.  Are you against jeans with tennis shoes too?  I used to wear jeans and rod lavers in college.
LOL those pictures don't help your point, those guys all look like tools.
How do you have 500k in savings at 20?
2 questions: how much do you make now and where do you live?   If you live in a place where you are already considered rich, maybe you shouldn't go because 34 is a little old to be starting b school.  The average age is late 20s, early 30s.  And why did you compare INSEAD with Thunderbird?  One is a good school, the other is a joke regardless of what their International "Business" program is like.  Was it because both seem to deemphasize quantitative skills?,,20036479_20051411,00.html   thanks.
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