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Hi, I'm considering getting a used car with a budget of up to 40k.  I'm 28 btw, so something suitable for my age.  I want a sedan and was thinking the following:   -BMW M series -Infiniti G37S -Range Rover -Mercedes CLS 550   Suggestions?
I am 5'9 165.  In the past I've had problems with jcrew "favorite shirts"(they don't seem to have these anymore) where the chest and upper back area were a little too tight-I remember wearing a medium then.  Also, the torso length was a little short(not THAT short, just when I stretched you could see my lower stomach), but everything else fit fine(neck, stomach, sleeves)  To give you some more sizes to compare to, I wear L ralph lauren polos, and M calvin klein...
Yeah, my assumption was based on all the people I knew personally in civil engineering(only a few).  You may be right.
A knit tie is less formal than a traditional tie yes.  But to me it's still formal because it is STILL a tie, and ties are formalwear.  And by the way, I'll keep giving my opinion, so keep listening if you want.
"Who said that?" - you did.  You said I couldn't judge style because I hardly ever wore a suit before, and because I have casual style.  If I remember correctly you bolded those terms.   And yes, a knit tie is formal.  I saw Ivy League professors wear them with at college campuses, of course not with jeans though.  You think they'll dress casual there? 
Because casual style isn't style?  And when I see a tie, something that is formal go on a casual outfit I recognize it looks idiotic.
I don't know about Australia because I'm a software guy in San Francisco so take this with a grain of salt: in America, It looks like you need a graduate degree in civil engineering to become successful.  Double majoring is tough, but I guess it depends what school you go to. 
Oh.  Were you exaggerating on over 100 hours being the norm?  That's like twice the number of hours I work a week!  I heard it was 80 hours a week for ibanking.   Anyway, does anybody know what happened to this AJ guy?  I read he lost his job.  I wonder what he's doing now lol, probably still "balling" with that same boxster.
nope.  My school was much more expensive than any school in Kansas, most likely even back then than how much your school costs now.  It was CHOICES and SKILL, not luck that made me debt free within a year.  Multiple internships paying at least $2X/hr.  Also, you have to factor in that this is $2X an hour in an area where the cost of living is MUCH MORE than in Kansas.  $2X is good for a student even where I was, but keep in mind this was not in Kansas.  Upon graduation,...
Are bonuses in finance really easy to come by or something?  We get bonuses in tech too but noone I know includes that because it depends on several factors like stock performance, peer/management review, milestones accomplished, etc.
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