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Thanks, that gives me a better idea of Brooks Brothers fit.  I'll seriously consider a M then, which is unfortunate because there is something I want to get that's only available in L haha.  Before buying I'll make sure to head to the shop and try on some stuff - has anybody ever been to the physical store?  Do they sell casualwear like polos, casual jackets/sweaters?  And are you supposed to dress up(wear a collared shirt) before entering?
I read that they run large from various sources online, and it seems to be true from this thread also.  Thank you for taking the time to measure your shirt and reply in this thread.
It is the regular fit.  I found online that Brooks Brothers runs large, so that if I usually wear L I should wear M.  I'm considering getting a jacket and in my experience even a L in Gap or North Face jacket gets a little short after a few washings.  This is strange because I'm not even tall.  I'm leaning towards getting a L.   I am headed downtown next week and will visit a store and try something on to see.  I remember when I was in NY and looked into their store they...
I doubt I'd fit the slim fit, let alone the extra slim fit.  I don't know my neck size either.  Can anybody else reply to this thread and compare brooks' fitting to other brands like gap or ck?  For example, I have a sweater from gap that is large but after a couple washings it is kind of short on my torso.  And how do the Brooks Brothers polos fit?  I have a problem with ralph lauren polos in that a L is a little tight fitting, though the length is fine.  I've gained...
I wasn't saying anything negative about you, I was just making fun of the guy in that video.  That video was hilarious.
  So I can go "top down", "models and bottles" like this guy?  http://www.myspace.com/video/lx-tv/investment-banker-goes-wild-with-models-and-bottles/16547387   Wait, hold on, I gotta "give it a few hours though", gotta let the 20k car and subpar women sink in....
It would REALLY suck if someone didn't get a bonus though huh?  Imagine working even 50 hours a week and getting no bonus with that base nowadays.
Oh yeah, I forgot about the bonuses!  Still though, it's normal to get a 125k bonus?  Wow.
I doubt 250k your 3rd year is the norm in ibanking.  I've never even HEARD of any third year making that much.  If a 3rd year is making 250k, how much is his boss with 10+ years experience making?  C'mon.
http://www.twackle.com/sitebar?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitpic.com%2F58qzs3   I don't know to feel more sorry for the golf ball or club.....
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