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Title says it all - got a pair of slim dungarees from Outlier, but they no longer fit me.  I only wore them once for a few hours.  No fades, rips, scuffs, or anything.  They look brand new, other than some creases from being folded in my closet.  Those will come out with a steamer or low-temp tumble dry.   These are $200 new - $80 off for a few hours of wear is a stellar price.   Paypal $120 as gift or add 4% if sending as payment.  Price INCLUDES shipping in the...
Apple just hired former YSL CEO Paul Deneve as the VP of a "special projects" division that reports directly to Tim Cook.  Hmm.
Always love regis' consistency.  You really always have great fit and combos of textures/colors and it's all so well suited for where you live.  My $0.02
in my experience, PayPal CANNOT actively take funds from your bank account.  There's some legal issues there.  They will just put your account in a negative balance and not allow you to fulfill any transactions whatsoever until the balance is taken care of.   I was in a situation where a dispute was risen and they put my account in a frozen state for $163.  My bank account is linked, but not a penny ever left from there.   Still, to be sure, might be wise to...
toasty, wanna sell that RO? haha 
I kept hitting my volume button when I scrolled past that. Took me a few to figure out what was going on. I'm not clever.
Been one of my grails forever...but it's 999€ ($1300). Are they ever to be found for cheaper? Or should I consider that price realistic?
What's the p2p measurement? Also, do you have pics of the back of the jacket?   Thanks!
your grandparents are adorable
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