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Agree completely and am holding off ordering more trousers until a solution is found.
Those look like the Chocolate Brown and maybe Military Green duck canvas. I will say my chocolate brown is less saturated than this picture would indicate.
Poop I wanted that boot.
Yes, SHHHHH. Everyone Shhhhhh...
 Been waiting also, Theresa told me they'd be likely shipping this week.
David, another fantastic Indy makeup! Congrats.
Went out on a limb and picked up the 11 Boondocker. I'm between an 11.5-12 on a Brannock, so we'll see how it goes, but definitely ready to return them if need be.
New duck canvas options are sick! Can't wait to get my chocolate pair and order some more...
Very cool, care to help a newbie out with how much yardage a typical button down would need?
Where might one get in on this ordering of madras?
New Posts  All Forums: