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Top rows all T&A. About 80% of have food staining. Grab bag pricing though so, eh, I'll see if spot cleaning helps. Irony is that I had to toss a few BB stain resistants as they were the worst of the bunch, like the guy took it as a personal challenge.    
Have an EZ Su Misura cashmere jacket marked 62 EU but measures as a US 46 (chest 24"). Triple checked the measurement, obviously that's WAY off. Anyone know what's up?  
Am I correct that these are by Incotex? Corbin, Made in Chile.
That's the best I could come up with, but I thought there was something more specific. Oh well, that works. Thanks!
I'm blanking, what's this pattern called?
Thanks, Spoo!
Two questions on this D&G tie. First, is it authentic? Nothing's saying otherwise to me except that the white tag is a bit crooked and absence of a hologram. Second, any idea what to call this pattern?    
Any idea on this one?  
Got another one for the recent trend here of return headaches. I've handled my fair share but haven't had to deal with something like this recently, so I'm wondering how best to proceed.   Return shipping: seller pays Return reason: Doesn't work or defective Comments: ive returned the item to you by priority mail as it reeked of an odor reminiscent of cat urine. no way can I possibly accept this item as this was not disclosed. my...
New Posts  All Forums: