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Have no less than 3 weeks of the thread to catch up on, but thought I'd put up a poorly lit Christmas Sunday/Caroling thrift fit. All thrifted.   Merry Christmas/Happy (belated) Hanukkah to the thread! Cable Car Clothiers suit BB Makers shirt BB tie unknown italian pocket silk AE fifth ave. (acquired just this week)
So good.Figured as much regarding the gender. They have a great history, though! Love finding stuff like this. Thanks for always being quick and willing to share the knowledge, man. All you guys.
Great stuff guys. Can't compete for quality or quantity but have found some good seasonal pickups for myself. Couple lambswool vests in my size, Paine and Byford Hickey Freeman Sport, made in Italy wool/cotton. Think it's the first jacket I've thrifted with no need for alterations. Been needing a good solid white shirt. Harvie & Hudson This one isn't going on a mannequin till I can try that coffee bean trick. Gent really liked the cologne. Currently stinking freshening up...
It's frustrating: I used to be damn fast at the racks and am now slowed down by the cane in one hand, items in the other, and the game leg. Carts (boo, hiss) help enormously. Still, doubled the time it takes to go through a store. Was juggling my things trying to look at a jacket in a vinnies last week and shattered a mixing glass set all over the floor .
You jerks had me out tonight looking for this Filson that is apparently raining down like manna from heaven     Did grab this Golden Bear in great shape for $15. Haven't had a leather jacket since the cat got upset with our house-guests a few years back and pissed on my old one. Yeah, dirty mirror. Rest is thrifted, of course: woolrich, j. crew, west is dead
Synergy: Not a clue about these, took a shot in the dark picking it up. Mine's tagged Large and buttons from right but is pretty teensy. Womens? Snagged a ton of shirts and pants at one stop yesterday, here's some:Zegna, CT linen, Zegna Sport linen, prl regent, Armani black, Paul Smith Pink x2, BB madras, Lewin x2, unknown pocket silks except the pheasants = PRL LP fabric cotton/cashmere cords, varvatos cotton/linen, biggest pair of zanellas i've seen in person. 52 or...
 1 part Australian lass, 1 part American bloke, 1 pinch Marvin Gaye. Shake well, then bake for 9 mo.
Bates hat, thrifted Brooks Brothers shirt, thrifted vtg Woolrich jacket, thrifted BR italy belt, thrifted Rag & Bone navy chinos, trade with Barrel . Swear these are slim, thigh looks weird here. cane, thrifted Bonus action shot! Filson x Sebago ankle boots, Ebay light from Kaezi 10 mo. old, homemade
Some good fall color cords. BB and Canali. (canali is deep burgundy)Navy Aqua 5 made in England, for me. Great shape, just the leather on the buckles has completely corroded off from rust underneath. Going to see if someone local can redo. First Barbour jacket find, Liddesdale. Really minty. n/a  One of those lizard/sterling RL belts. NIB cedar shoe trees. These PRL fishing vests look to do ok. Haven't seen them in teal. We'll see. [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]  Also snagged...
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