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Just got the same, upgrading 48 ratings. Running a report to see what info might be gleaned. Certainly interesting.
Yeah, couldn't make any sense of the reasoning so I would expect shenanigans. Thanks. High feedback and 12 years on ebay so his account hasn't been bumped off yet if he's playing games, but I won't take the chance.
Got this message earlier:   Dear .... I'd like to purchase few items from you, but i don't want paypal to how (sic) history of me purchasing used items. If i purchased through ebay, would you send me your paypal address, so i can transfer money directly? Thanks   Anyone else ever get someone with a similar request? Any problem? Thanks.
Ah, interesting. I only did so after getting nowhere with the buyer and assuming that was the next step. Mind you, this was after weeks of intermittent contact by the buyer and an open case sitting on my screen. Would've been a bit more of a bulldog in pushing the buyer toward a resolution but we we're busy having a baby at the time. In my call today I did specify that I was appealing the case but that of course got me the prior result. I see that I did receive an email...
      A follow up to this now 4 week old post. I fought the return obviously, consistently but politely standing by the measurements and tagged size and offering use of my pics in reselling. The buyer's replies continued along the same lines, basically, "this doesn't fit like my other 42Rs", "a pro tailor I took it to measured it as a 44long", "jacket is NOT 42R! I want to return for a full refund." After getting nowhere I escalated the case with a detailed description of...
Encouraging. Thank you.
Had a case opened this morning on a jacket sold on the 18th of last month, buyer says he finally got around to taking it to his tailor and his guy says it measures as a 44L. Here's the jacket: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hart-Schaffner-Marx-Gold-Trumpeter-Plaid-Linen-Sport-Coat-42R-Jacket-Blazer-/321436772210?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item4ad71fe772 I'm confident in my measurements. So close to fitting I almost kept it myself, and I'm pretty standard 42. That...
Have no less than 3 weeks of the thread to catch up on, but thought I'd put up a poorly lit Christmas Sunday/Caroling thrift fit. All thrifted.   Merry Christmas/Happy (belated) Hanukkah to the thread! Cable Car Clothiers suit BB Makers shirt BB tie unknown italian pocket silk AE fifth ave. (acquired just this week)
So good.Figured as much regarding the gender. They have a great history, though! Love finding stuff like this. Thanks for always being quick and willing to share the knowledge, man. All you guys.
Great stuff guys. Can't compete for quality or quantity but have found some good seasonal pickups for myself. Couple lambswool vests in my size, Paine and Byford Hickey Freeman Sport, made in Italy wool/cotton. Think it's the first jacket I've thrifted with no need for alterations. Been needing a good solid white shirt. Harvie & Hudson This one isn't going on a mannequin till I can try that coffee bean trick. Gent really liked the cologne. Currently stinking freshening up...
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