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Seems to be the consensus, though I'll have to give the game board box a shot for some. I've got a maybe a dozen lying around so dimensions vary from folios to proper full size. Thanks for the answers and recommendations everyone.
Can someone clue me in on this weave? One and one?     Unrelated question: What box do you guys use to ship briefcases? Does USPS have something that works?
Top rows all T&A. About 80% of have food staining. Grab bag pricing though so, eh, I'll see if spot cleaning helps. Irony is that I had to toss a few BB stain resistants as they were the worst of the bunch, like the guy took it as a personal challenge.    
Have an EZ Su Misura cashmere jacket marked 62 EU but measures as a US 46 (chest 24"). Triple checked the measurement, obviously that's WAY off. Anyone know what's up?  
Am I correct that these are by Incotex? Corbin, Made in Chile.
That's the best I could come up with, but I thought there was something more specific. Oh well, that works. Thanks!
I'm blanking, what's this pattern called?
Thanks, Spoo!
Two questions on this D&G tie. First, is it authentic? Nothing's saying otherwise to me except that the white tag is a bit crooked and absence of a hologram. Second, any idea what to call this pattern?    
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