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Is the hood removable / can it be stowed inside the collar?
What are your measurements / measurements of the model? Fits pretty perfectly in the picture.
Is the tie still available?
What's your height and weight? More importantly, honestly assess the physical shape you're in. More stocky and/or shorter men look better in shorter, wider lasts with more traditional toe shapes. Pretty much all AE fall into this category. The C&J Belgrave and Carmina do too. Fitter and taller men look better in narrower, longer shoes with more modern toe shapes. The C&J Wembley is appropriate here.    Might I suggest these RLPL G&G? Sort of bridges the gap between...
celeste_pisa - sent you a PM. Measurements on the shoes?   chobochobo - I own a bunch of To Boot shoes, I'm a 9 in that. But every other dress shoe I wear is a 9.5. Generally my shoes are 12 - 12.25" long. Do you know how the sizing compares by any chance?
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