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Fair play, this is why I wanted to clarify. I'll take it to them. And no CB adjustments (unless this is what they diagnose in person). Thanks!
Thank you for clarifying, this is helpful. There is seam allowance of approx 2" pretty much everywhere and they'll adjust it free of charge for me. What alteration would you recommend? Taking out the center back? Or is this an issue with the shoulder?
This is very helpful, thanks. So you think the shoulders are too square on my frame, and that they should be more sloped?And what is CB? Collar back? If so, could we raise the collar on this jacket too?
Do Despos or any other tailors have thoughts on the collar gap and shoulder dimple (on top of the shoulder)? It may be worth noting that there's a bit of pressure on my shoulder at the seam (where the sleeve meets the body).   This is a MTM linen suit and it seems to fit well in other aspects. I took it to Enzo Caruso in Los Angeles, a wonderful bespoke tailor by all accounts. He simply pulled the jacket up on my neck and told me to wear it for a month, buttoned and...
I posted this on the bay, but the gentlemen of Styleforum are more discerning than the average American man browsing eBay for suits. Here is the listing - bidding set to open at $300, buy it now at $750 (negotiable):   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Caruso-Suit-36R-46R-Solid-Black-Wool-Silk-RRP-1-800-New-NR-/321897258234?   Let me know if there are any questions and I'll do my best to answer.
I'm looking for these shoes in a size 9 or 9.5.
The moment passed, unfortunately. Thanks for the interest.
I'm looking to purchase up to $300 in Gilt credit. PM me if you've got any that you want to unload.
I'm looking to purchase up to $300 in Gilt credit. PM me if you've got any that you want to unload. Edit: thanks for the interest, but I no longer need the credit.
New Posts  All Forums: