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I have two Alton Lane Gift cards:  One for $25 off anything and one for $50 off a suit or blazer.  $20 and free shipping.
The video totally sold me on adding a monogram to the keeper on my next tie!  It was really cool seeing the process...even if I don't have seven fold from Hober.
  I'm not sure I'm a good candidate for roped shoulders. I've got prominent shoulders with no slope. I went with soft shoulders on my navy suit. I'm not sure a roped, soft shoulder would work for me. Thoughts?     I may, however, be adventurous enough to give a DB a try.  I'll be seeing Kent in three weeks, so I guess I have some decisions to make!
  I would echo the 7003 recommendation.  I received mine recently and am really happy with the fabric.  In fact, I'm so happy with the suit, I'm currently trying to decide what fabric I'll use for my next two suits.  Leaning toward mid-grey (102701 as suggested by Al in Philly) and a navy pinstripe.  Any suggestions on a navy pinstripe?
Has anyone ordered the Blue Royal Oxford?  I'm considering making that my next Ledbury purchase and would be interested to hear your thoughts!  I'm also considering the Blue Gingham Worker.  My stable currently includes the Blue Fine Twill, the Urbana Box Check (my wife's personal favorite), and the White Fine Twill.  
I knew they ordered the shoe from the factory, but I wasn't sure if they'd allow me to apply the coupon.  I didn't see any limiting language in the email I received, so I'm think you're probably correct.     Enjoy your AEs!
Have any idea how they handle shoes that aren't in stock?  I'm considering ordering a pair of Burgundy Cambridge.  I assume they don't stock the cordovan options.  
I'm not 6'6", but I have a large neck and absurdly long torso. As a result, I ordered 65" ties. I received them a couple of days ago and wore the Maccleafield today. I'm ecstatic with the quality and craftsmanship so far.   I went with 3.5 inch and three fold with the remaining standard options. I'm really pleased. My grenadines were 63" and four fold in accord with David's advice. I'd follow the advice on his web page for determining tie length. It worked perfectly for...
Here you go:  http://www.ledbury.com/referral_code?ref_id=92774   Hope you enjoy their shirts as much as I have!
Great timing.  I received my ties shortly after you responded...exactly thirteen business days from shipping confirmation as well.  I'm really impressed with the quality.
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