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Great timing.  I received my ties shortly after you responded...exactly thirteen business days from shipping confirmation as well.  I'm really impressed with the quality.
  How long did shipping take for your package?  I'm anxiously awaiting my first Hober order!   As soon as I receive my order, I'll let you know.  I ordered a Macclesfield #98.
Should I stick with 1.75" or drop down to 1.5"?
I plan on taking my most recent HY trouser purchase to the tailor tomorrow for hemming. I'm a little torn on cuff measurements. I'm 6' with a 30" inseam...all torso! Should I go with 1.75" or 2"?
      Badandy's experience is very similar to mine.  You can go back a few pages to see a photo of me (not a great one, either) with the changes Kent suggested.  I should have my custom suit in about a week.  I'll post back with my thoughts on how well the suit fits, but I'm fairly happy with the whole process.  Kent was extremely helpful despite my lack of knowledge.   I'm also planning to go to the trunk show in NY on March 1st to have my measurements done in person for...
Especially with all the variations in grey HY offers. I just picked up a pair of mid-grey four seasons. Excited about adding to my grey HY collection!
Is the photo of the mid-gray four seasons super 100s on the HY site an accurate representation? I got a pair of the super serge in mid-gray for Christmas, so I'd like to find something a little lighter to begin filling out my trouser needs.  Also, should I size up in the Italian made trousers?  A 34 in American cut fit nicely, so I was planning to size up to the 36 in the Italian cut.
No pleats, but rather two darts.
+1.  Pretty impressed with the Ledbury shirts I've picked up recently.  I originally placed an order for a single shirt and then placed an additional order for a couple other shirts after receiving the first order.  Pretty happy with the quality and fit.
As anyone heard from Jay recently?  I sent him a PM before Christmas about some shoes and belts, but never heard back.
New Posts  All Forums: