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What color are you considering? May have interest in a navy shell.
I think it will as well.  I'm fairly certain I'll be ordering a navy blazer with MOP buttons in the near future, but I'd like to see how my latest KW suit turns out.  I made a couple of small changes from my first suit that I ordered through Kent.  Tomorrow is four weeks from my order date, but I haven't received a shipping notice yet....
Anyone ordered a suit or sport coat with smoked mother of pearl buttons?  Considering going with them for an upcoming navy sport coat I'm ordering.
I was thinking the exact same thing this morning! I definitely think a KW label should be included.
Well, in an odd twist of fate...the navy shell double monk didn't fit so I ended up with the burgundy shell double monk from Epaulet.  However, seeing the navy shell in person sold me.  Any recommendations on a merchant for the navy shell double monks or will I be forced to go MTO?
The ability to choose widths is the exact reason that I went with HP hangers.  I have wide shoulders so the ability to choose the proper width is a necessity.  I've also just had excellent service from Kirby.  He's been quick to respond to my (numerous) questions and the shipping has been really quick.  My vote would be to buy hangers from Hanger Project!
Al in Philly is the one who originally suggested 102701.  I'm fairly certain that it is the fabric I'm going with for this suit.  I also ordered 101037, but I think it is darker than I'm going for.  The fabric you and Al in Philly selected really is a nearly perfect mid-gray.  
  Let's get some better pictures!  This fabric is on my short list for my next KW.  Trying to decide between a couple of mid-gray options and a few navy pinstripe fabrics.
Whoa, thanks for all the great responses.  I'm glad I sought the forum's expertise on the versatility of the navy monk, although my wallet won't be tomorrow!  I've got a good selection of staples (black, walnuts, dark brown, and burgundy), so I think a navy double monk will be a good addition.   NAMOR - Your tumblr basically sealed the deal.  The navy shell looks outstanding with each of those combos.  
How versatile do you find the navy shell? I'm contemplating making my first Carmina purchase by picking up the navy shell Bryant double monk from epaulet. I prefer the burgundy Salinger they have, but they don't have my size. In other words...convince me to go with the navy shell!
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