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  I also asked for the hidden button gauntlet right after Luxire posted a picture of it, but got exactly what you did. I was a little disappointed and decided to just forego it on the order I placed a week ago.  
Just a quick update on my lost shirt situation. Received an email this morning offering to return it with my next order. Guess it is a good thing that I'm about to place my second order!
I did email before posting, but I haven't heard anything back yet.  I'm really happy with the shirt I received and have a few more I'd like to order, but I'm not going to order anything else until I get the shirt I sent in for measurements back...
Has anyone received the shirt ordered from Luxire, but not had the shirt sent for measurement returned? I received my new Luxire shirt today, but the shirt I sent in for measurement wasn't returned!
I'm really glad I checked in here before ordering. Looks like I'll be going with a 9.5 rather than the 9 I originally intended to order. Appreciate the advice I've received!
Hmmm...I'll have to look into this a little more it seems. I was under the impression that a full size down was suggested.
Well, the 20% off code lured me in.  I'll be purchasing a pair of G&G St. James II in Vintage Cherry.  Seems like an excellent choice to join the G&G family!   I'm planning to go with a size 9 UK based upon my 10D Allen Edmonds 5 last sizing.  I've done some cursory searching of this thread and that seems to be the suggest sizing, but I'd appreciate any additional input.  
I think I'm going to give Luxire a shot.  Planning to send one of my custom shirts in for measurements.  Any suggested white fabrics I should consider?  Considering its my first shot with Luxire I don't want to break the bank, but would still like something decent.  
My first attempt will be a solid navy suit with a solid white shirt as well. Simple background to allow the tie to shine.
Received my shipping notice late last night/early this AM for my most recent order.  Went with Macclesfield #84, a Navy and Powder Houndstooth, a Navy fina, and a the Powder Blue stripe on midnight grenadine!  This brings my total of Hobers up to 7.  I'm already thinking about a seven fold grenadine and some diamond weaves for my next order...
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